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  1. Uncle Nige


    The above as non runner but I am sure has a use for spare parts is available. I cannot do anything with it contact Nigel 07866682209
  2. Uncle Nige

    Wheelhorse c-140

    Cuckfield a bit of a mess during the day I agree. No we have had it a few years now and been very good. If your passing with a few minutes to spare would be good to touch base. I need to take the transmission off again to have a good look and set all the pieces out, so do not be too quick!!
  3. Uncle Nige

    Wheelhorse c-140

    Bear with me. Could not select any gear and checked the clutch operation but seemed ok I would assume that the gear selector had become detached but did not feel like it!! This machine I inherited a 2nd hand and has been round the block but did do what was required lugging stuff around the cricket club in Cuckfield. I have a colleague who appered to know a lot about motorbikes so he started taking at apart! Dangerous stuff whell bearings collapsed and as the gear box was prised apart we coud not see what the problem was. Even more difficult it would go back together as springs and balls appeared a over the place. got all the bits but not necessarily in the right order!!
  4. Uncle Nige

    Wheelhorse c-140

    Guys, I have the above wheel horse but now have a gear box transmission issue which I cannot fix, any ideas where any spares are available in Uk else will sell for spare parts Kohler engine runs fine albeit with no air filter as carb needs a bit of work done on it. Any help would be appreciated I am not a fitter just a tinkerer. Regards Uncle Nige
  5. Uncle Nige

    wheelhorse c140 14hp 8 speed breaking

    interested in transmission unit complete, what are you looking for?