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  1. Jim Demery

    1941 Farmall H

    Thanks Professor, we keep both the Farmall and the Oliver, plus 3 restored garden tractors in our 24x32 garage in the winter along with both of our vehicles.
  2. Jim Demery

    1941 Farmall H

    They're both show tractors but I do plan on taking them both to some plow day events next year.
  3. Jim Demery

    1962 Cub Cadet Original

    Nice original Tigman. Here's my 62, just got it finished.
  4. Jim Demery

    1941 Farmall H

    Picked up this beautiful old vintage iron this week.
  5. Jim Demery

    It followed me home! Can I keep it?

    Thanks Chip. It's a 1968 B112. I restored it last summer.
  6. Jim Demery

    It followed me home! Can I keep it?

    Lol, that is my wife!
  7. Jim Demery

    It followed me home! Can I keep it?

    Yes, Waukesha 6 cylinder. Runs smooth and quiet!
  8. A friend let my wife drive his Oliver 70 in our parade and 3 weeks later this followed me home!
  9. Pictures from the Argyle show on Labor Day weekend, in Colchester IL
  10. Jim Demery

    Avon Tractor Show

    A few of my garden tractors at the show in Avon IL
  11. Now she's hooked, and ready to trade in her custom John Deere garden tractor for an Oliver row crop. But I have a 704 Wheel Horse I'm going to restore for her in the spring.
  12. Unfortunately in the heat and confusion of the day only three pictures were taken. The other one being my wife getting to drive her 1st big tractor, an Oliver 70 row crop in the parade.
  13. The Bushnell Antique Tractor Show was a big success again this year. We had 68 tractors in all. 44 garden tractors and 24 ag tractors. David Rock's 1935 Farmall F20 took best in show in the ag class, and my own 149 Cub Cadet won in the garden tractor class.
  14. Jim Demery

    Bushnell Tractor Show

    Thanks Neil. Yes he was enjoying it. He loved to be on his mower cutting the grass.
  15. Jim Demery


    And he's only 35 miles from me here in Illinois.