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  1. JAinVA, Thank you for letting me know. I have already tested it in the woods and it will do the job I need it to. Do you know if the LT models are compatible with a snow plow attachment?
  2. So basically I'm starting to find out that the LT models are not working tractors and can not and should not be modified to try and make it something it isn't. Should I look into a GT model to use for hauling wood and riding through the woods?
  3. Thank you for the info, that is what I figured and am finding out when starting to evaluate things. The main objective is to possibly use it to pull a trailer of wood around. I'm currently at least replacing the lawn tires with ag tires, which is a start. Any other ideas to mess around with?
  4. I just recently came into owning a LT1100. Looking to hear of some ideas for modifications I can do to make it more of a working tractor, instead of a mower. Thanks, -Nate