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  1. Jb416H

    Edge Trim Hood

    The weather seal off an old junk car door or trunk works too
  2. Jb416H

    Day 2 Rattler

    Light phase, taken from jobsite last year
  3. Jb416H

    48" mower deck issue

    Spindle housing is tight to deck. When you push up on blade the pully on top side of deck moves too. I will check to make sure the nut on top of pully is tight and let you know. Will be a few days till I get to it. Just got the wifey home from rotator cuff surgery so i have to help her when needed. Thanks for the advice John
  4. Hello, i am a new member to the site here and have a ? About a used mower deck I bought last year. As i was giving the underside a good cleaning, repainting and installing new blades i noticed the left side spindle had about an 1/8 to 3/16 play up and down. Is this something i should be worried about immediately or can i deal with it later? Why i ask is i will be working out of town and still need to get the lawn mowed even though i am not here and don't want to put the wifey under any stress if it would happen to be something major. Thanks John