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  1. It is a 91. It's in pretty rough shape. And, probably more importantly, it's in central arkansas.
  2. I hope your valve seats are ok. My 520 has 320 hours on it. 320 hours was all it took for someone to totally abuse it to the point that I may not fix it. I was thinking that I would use it as a small tractor and get a tiller for it, but I live in central Arkansas and their aren't very many wheel horse owners down here.
  3. Wow, thanks for the interest. Life has gotten crazy busy and so taking the head off and taking a look at the valve seats has been pushed to the back burner, especially since my father in law is giving me his riding mower. At this point I'm just assuming it is loose valve seats. I may tear into it this summer to verify, I'm just not sure if it's worth the effort (it needs a ton done to make it just operational, and it was utterly abused). Are you having the same problem?
  4. Thanks again guys for all your help. I was able to check out the engine the other day. The vales move freely and the rings are sealing because the port to the back side of the pistons is blowing and sucking when I turn the engine. I even backed off the things (lifters?) that push the valves open to make sure it was able to close all the way. still low compression. At this point, I guess I'll have to unbolt the engine and rotate it so I can get the head off and take a look. It still could be just some gunk on the vales, but at this point I'm starting to prepare myself for a loose valve seat . I know prices vary wildly from place to place, but is there anyone out there that has had this done? Is it a ~$100 fix, a ~$500 fix, a ~$1000 fix? Is it the sort of thing that you just get a new engine for? Thanks for any input you guys have.
  5. Wow.... [Insert face-palm emoji] now that you mention it, that seems incredibly obvious: Turn the big pulley attached to the engine. Thanks again.
  6. lucky for me I already have all that ripped off. I was going to see if it would run when I squirt gas into the spark plug holes, before moving on to cleaning the carburetor and testing it without then with the fuel pump. Since it's electric start, what's the best way to spin the motor by hand?
  7. thanks again lynnmore, you guys really know your stuff. I was talking to my boss this morning about the issue and he thinks it's just a stuck valve (this tractor sat for a year or two unused) because I have basically no compression and if it was leaking around the valve seat he thinks there would be some compression. I really hope that's right, because it's a lot easier to fix. Does that sound right to you guys? He knows a ton about fixing engines in general, but you guys know these particular engines really well. It might be a while before I have a chance to pull the head off and see if a valve is stuck. Thanks again for all your help.
  8. Thanks oldredrider. So the valve seats can come loose? I thought the valve seats and the head were just cast as one piece.
  9. Thanks Lynnmor. So you're saying it may be the valves leaking instead of the piston rings? I'm mechanical/engineering inclined, I just have no experience with engines of any kind. How does one grind the valve seats? I would imagine making sure the grind is even and true is critical. Is that the sort of thing you have to send out for?
  10. Hey guys, I have a thoroughly abused 520 that a buddy gave me. I've been slowly checking it out and making a list of things that need to be fixed. I just pulled the spark plugs and sprayed a little oil down the cylinders and spun the starter to check for compression (without a gauge). The front cylinder has great compression (almost sucked my finger in), the back one has almost nothing. Will I damage anything if I get it running with the bad cylinder to continue checking out what needs to be fixed? In other words would it OK to run a 520 with bad compression on a cylinder? I won't be working it or anything. Does anyone know how involved it is to replace the rings on the back piston? For those who may care, here is my list thus far: [ ] Check valve clearance [ ] Replace spark plugs [ ] Replace air filter [ ] Replace fuel filters [ ] Change oil [ ] Find air box cover [ ] Replace? Fuel pump [ ] Replace fuel lines [ ] Intake, exhaust and carb gaskets [ ] Clean carb [ ] Fix choke [ ] Replace burnt wires [ ] Replace fuel cutoff [ ] Fix compression in back cylinder [ ] Replace rear lights If there's anything else I should be checking out, please let me know. This is my first horse, my first riding mower, and my first project. So I don't exactly know what I'm doing. And like I said, this was abused. You'd never guess it has 300 something hours on it. Thanks so much.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I remember watching the show growing up and I've seen the movie, it was just a bit of a contextual leap. Had he written it M*A*S*H* I would have gotten it (bit that's a pain to type, especially on my phone). That's actually a really good idea. It would be fun to see the big show, unfortunately I live over 1k miles away, and actually be spending that weekend even further away in TX.
  12. You'll have to forgive me 857 horse, but I didn't understand anything you just said. What's a mash pole? What's 14 miles? Why am I making a sign, and what is it supposed to say? On a side note, we have a laser cutter at work, so I could make a pretty awesome sign.
  13. So here are the pics: Asyou can see, is a little 'farm fresh'. I might a caught the bug a little. My wife compares this to her cloth diaper addiction. She is on forums and Facebook talking about diapers all the time. I've never joined a forum before, but this seems like a great community. And I love taking stuff apart to see how it works, so it's hard to beat a tractor like this. Stupid question: what, where, when, who, is this "big show"everyone is talking about? Is this a general tractor show, or a wheel horse only thing? Oh, and thanks '953 nut', I had found manuals on the Toro website, but not those. Those circuit diagrams will definitely come in handy. Thanks again for all the good info so far.
  14. Thanks for the quick replies. Yes, it has the original engine in it. I had downloaded the manual and scrolled through it. It looks great and really thorough. I should have clarified about the tractor running. It was giving him problems (of some kind, not necessarily with the engine, I just don't know). So he got a new mower and left this one sitting for a couple of years. I had heard bad things about the engine in these, and was a little nervous. To some degree I don't mind having to go through the engine, because that would be a great learning experience. And if this holds up as well as these seem to, it would be worth really going through. I know the mower's crap. It's an agri-fab and all beat up. I would love a mid mount deck at some point, but first things first. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  15. Hi all, a friend just gave me his rough 91 520-h and a beat up tow behind finishing mower. I know nothing about wheel house except what is on the Wikipedia page, so I figured this would be a good place to learn. My first goal is just to get it running again (it hasn't run in a couple of years and it was giving him greaf before that). Is there anything i should do other than change the fuel, oil, plugs and filters? Never messed with a hydro tranny before, anything I should do about that? I know there are lots of belts, should I be changing all of them? Nothing other than the tractor itself is driven by belts (the mower has its own engine). At some point I will probably tear it all apart, but for now I just want to be able to mow with it. On a separate note, I'm rather curious as to why this rather fanatical (in a good way) community exists for these tractors. I don't mean this in a bad way, I just would like to know why these tractors are so special and why they are worth all the restorations I've seen on here. I had never heard of wheel horse until I owned one, so any insight into why you guys like them would be interesting. Also, how is the 520 different from a normal riding mower? Anything else you guys think I should know? Thanks, sorry for the long post. I have a screaming baby in my arms, so I'll have to add pics later (I've heard you guys like them).