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  1. Nhaydt92

    W H Spike Aerator

    Can you please contact me I’m in Allentown and really really want this! My number is (610)-248-2996!
  2. Nhaydt92

    1965-1967 tractor, manual trans with a kohler

    Hey I e-mailed you. You have a number I can reach you at? Either that or you can reach me at (610)-248-2996
  3. Looking for a wheel horse from 1965 to 1967 preferably with a manual trans and a Kohler engine. Example 855, 856, 1055, 1056. Closet to original the better
  4. Nhaydt92

    50" Sickle Bar (SMS-50?)

    Think maybe it’s for a 953/1054 possibly?
  5. Nhaydt92

    953 weights

    Looking for a set of weights for my 953. Same as 1054. Text or call (610)-248-2996. Or PM
  6. Nhaydt92

    Suburban Mower Deck and Attachments

    I’ll take it. My numbers (610)-248-2996. Please contact me.
  7. I am dealing with some in your area on a snowblade  if both deals happen it might help you guys on pick up 

    1. Nhaydt92


      Yes I would be interested. Can you message me at (610)-248-2996. Is appreciate it!

  8. here is one in  Akron, Ohio  $150 102_4480.JPG.94835610357265b414f8c0ed0c176cce.JPG102_4431.JPG.57a24845330af6b55c3dcd813abbbac3.JPG102_4454.JPG.0262793bf2c294ae8e71fed09ce18a51.JPG102_4444.JPG.3ab0d8d7b08a84bccbf1a18175e6b16b.JPG





  9. Nhaydt92

    Wheel horse disc

    Looking for a disc harrow to complete my gardening collection. Thanks in advance! Best to be reached at (610)-248-2996
  10. Nhaydt92

    401 wheels

    Figured out I don’t have the right wheels for my 401 either so I’ll be looking for a set of them also... thanks for any help
  11. Nhaydt92

    Suburban 401 front tires

    I’m looking for the front tires for a 401. Would like to find decent originals... or a tire that looks similar to the original set. Thanks in advance!
  12. Nhaydt92

    Wheel horse collection

    Hello I have a wheelhorse collection I'd like to get rid of. I just have too much with too little time to use it. 702= everything is nice and all there and original including tires and seat cover. Comes with plow and mower deck. Bought from the original owners son last summer. Motor is seized though = 350$ 656= everything is nice and original also. Needs electrical work. Mower deck in awesome shape no rust. Also bought this one with the 702 as a package deal. 300$ Side mount sickle bar for 702 = in very nice shape. Leaks a little oil from gear case. All blades are mint. $350 can get pictures of it all later I'm at work right now. My number is (610)-248-2996. My names Nate
  13. Howdy,

        I have all the gear for a 1054 deck including cover over pulleys if that will help . Not sure the decks the same, Tractor puller, Walt

  14. Nhaydt92


    Sweet thank you!!!
  15. Nhaydt92

    953 mower deck!

    Hello I'm looking for a 953 mower deck. This is a specific model year deck. Would be willing to pay for any amount of shipping thank you