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  1. OK, I've got everything torn down and ready to start prepping for paint. Does anyone have tricks or tips on cleaning the tins and frame for primer? Wire wheel? Sanding? Sand Blasting?
  2. Monty72

    Kohler K341smoking and loose part identification

    I got lucky, I had a block from my GT-14 project that still had the governor stop pin a little PB spray and patience and I'm in business. That just proves to my wife keeping junk around does pay off.
  3. Monty72

    Kohler K341smoking and loose part identification

    OK I pulled it apart and found the threads are stripped. Should I bother with a repairing the treads?
  4. I've just bought a WH with a K341 Spec 71113A. It has started to smoke around the air intake and while investigating I found this screw loose. It is below the exhaust and behind the throttle arm. Does anyone know what this is and what it should be attached to internally?
  5. I'm taking plenty of pics, however my father in law already had front end in pieces. I'll need plenty of advice because I have all the implements to restore also.
  6. I'm starting on restoring a Gt-14 that has been sitting in pieces in my father in laws barn for 20 years. He blew the engine and parked it. I plan on doing a complete teardown to bare metal. Where can I find parts diagrams for the mower. I have found them for the engine and transmission just no luck on actual mower.