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  1. dwhitt

    Electro 12 deck

    That I do have. I was worried because this has an electric pro and wasn't sure if it'd work.
  2. I'm needing a deck for 69 Charger 10. My neighbor has an Electro 12 with a good deck. Will it interchange without any issues?
  3. dwhitt

    Air Cleaner Assembly

    Does anyone have an air cleaner assembly for an HH100 Tecumseh?
  4. dwhitt

    Raider 9 w/ disc & plow

    Would you sell the disc, plow and deck separate?
  5. Has anyone ever tried to fabricate a mid mount grader blade?
  6. dwhitt

    Needing Info on this Beaut

    Did you cut off the pulleys from the mule drive?
  7. dwhitt

    Needing Info on this Beaut

    Is the cover over the mule drive factory?
  8. dwhitt

    Needing Info on this Beaut

    I've owned some a few C series that have been powered by Kohler. Which is a better engine Kohler or Tecumseh?
  9. I just picked up this Charger 10 yesterday. I just need to know any good information about it. Any help is greatly appreciated.