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  1. ohiofarmer

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Absolutely. A seller that I bought my last one from told me that Wal-Mart makes it easy to send money if you cannot make it in person. All you really have to do is look at the hood decal to know that that horse was always kept well sheltered in a garage.
  2. The only draw back is you tend to buy too many tractors. The only draw back to that is storage space
  3. ohiofarmer

    C-161 Twin. Engine runs after key is off

    The kill wires that go to the coils have little spade connectors to them. If all else fails, it would be easy to just add a toggle switch that goes to ground on the frame and connects to the kill wires. I got a free MTD husky that had the coils fried from a solenoid that was wired backwards. The 'mechanic" that did the deed panicked and cut the battery wire in two with a side cutter when the magic smoke appeared. Even if the solenoid was wired correctly, that tractor would have died from overheating from the massive mouse nest i found. Some Briggs engines also have a fuel valve that prevents backfire. These valves shut off the fuel at the carburetor when you turn off the key. .If you want to disable the silly safety switches on engines so equipped, just leave the kill wire to the coils not connected and the engine will shut down a few seconds after you turn off the key. Good luck. This should be an easy fix
  4. I blew the motor aut of the trusty Raider 10 . This tractor was advertised as a 12 horsepower 1967 Wheel Horse for $250.00. Runs well and mows well. When I pointed out that the displacement was not enough for a 12 HP at 241CC, he hemmed and hawed and offered me a price of $150.00. I checked 1967 models and it seems to be a 1057. Good compression and does not burn oil if he is telling the truth. Anyway, here it is... I will pick it up later
  5. ohiofarmer


    I am in like Flynn
  6. ohiofarmer

    Not Now! Raider Ten is down no compression.

    I decided to just take it one component at a time because of the no spark issue. The 12Horsepower came out of an 8 speed no name that was well patina'd but ran well. i regret tearing it down to paint it, but oh, well. I bought a c141 that is in nice shape, sort of running, but with an egg shaped cylinder. After other things took me away from the repaint project, the 141 was the logical choice for a running tractor. So now we have a c-141 with a 12 horsepower that tested out OK, but not completed, and it sat around. It did start and run fine and the rear axle seals were refurbed. That is the background and now for the step by step "logical" troubleshooting i am doing. for the no spark.. Actually it does spark one time at the points after I release the ignition switch, so here goes... 1. File the points.....Nope 2. Replace the spark plug wire and spark plug....Nope 3.replace the condenser. 4.Replace the coil...Nope 5. Suspect that the thing is grounding out from some safety switch. check the seat safety for function..Nope 6. Push in the clutch to see if the auto transmission lever is hooked to a safety switch Houston, we have Liftoff!!! All this proves that if your are not smart, you need to be persistent. Go ahead and laugh and learn from my mistake. I should have posted the thing about the spark making only after releasing the key after cranking. you guys would have probably spotted it right off....
  7. ohiofarmer

    Not Now! Raider Ten is down no compression.

    I bought this one today, advertised as runs well and mows well. Nope. The seller knew I was coming 130 miles to see it and then he gave me the 'bad" news that probably the coil was bad because of a weak spark. So I told him that I already spent a good deal of time coming to see it and maybe I would just cut my losses. He dropped the price to $150 and I figured it was worth it. The 12 horsepower engine advertised was a twin to the Raider Ten and it has the foot stirrups and a gearbox that is not hi-low select. Also a Two spoke wheel. Maybe you guys know what it is [he says 1967 model, but who knows? Maybe a 1057???..i am pretty tired tonight, but perhaps if I clean the points on my 12HP or trade out a known working coil and condenser, good things will happen. He also had a fresh barn find BSA motorcycle with a triple cylinder engine, said to be a 1948. My buddy Jay is a Nut for the old ones, so maybe we can take a trailer and pick up both...
  8. ohiofarmer

    Not Now! Raider Ten is down no compression.

    I am looking at a 12 horsepower tractor and mower tomorrow at a really good price. It might be a good tractor by itself or be a great engine donor. We will see. I never wanted to be where I am right now--down to fixing a tractor just to get me by. This winter will see at least three good runners with good decks and bearings and blades. In thinking about it, it may just be a failed coil or condenser needs swapped from the raider to the 12 horse. . At least I can test and compare wiring harnesses between the two..I promise to get back to you guys when I know enough to ask an intelligent question
  9. ohiofarmer

    Not Now! Raider Ten is down no compression.

    Pulled the head off the Raider10 and there is a slot cut in the side of the piston about the thickness of the ring groove. It is as if all the ring gaps were aligned and someone took a torch and melted a quarter inch keyway into the piston. The kohler 12 ---well I guess that I will swap the coil and condenser out of the Raider and see what happens. I need to get a picture posted. There is a very nice 400 series XI for sale at a dealer with a deck and push blade for $1600.00 I could afford it, but..... My trouble is most of the time I have more time than money, Just because I have some saved does not mean I want to spend it.
  10. ohiofarmer

    Not Now! Raider Ten is down no compression.

    both engines are the old K series cast iron.. I thought that I was on my way with the 12. It had run before and pretty sweet. I found it not connected at the ammeter and corrected that. It still was not hot at the coil + feed, so I put a jumper wire on it. Still no spark with a timing light. Have not checked the points yet. Those individual wires are tough to chase down once they enter the loom. I hope that it is good news with the carbon sticking the valves instead of a bad connecting rod. It did come on suddenly --just felt like running out of fuel.
  11. We were mowing the other night and the engine just quit. I was having some fuel related issues or so I thought. The finger over the spark plug hole shows little promise, after first checking for spark. Maybe I can get the newer 12 horse up, but that one has a no spark issue. I guess my best hope is a valve issue, but I guess I need a troubleshoot tree that might offer a simple fix, or in the alternative gives me reason to push on with the no spark issue on the K i2
  12. So here we are start to finish with the engine in the frame, The bike suspended and preparing to lift the engine out, engine free, a little bridge to slide the engine to my rebuild cart, and the final picture with the engine ready to change some seals and refurb the starter. BTW, you have to scroll down the previous post to see all 5 pictures
  13. Ok, first off, i am blessed to have all the floor jacks, low motorcycle lifts, portable engine hoists, come alongs, ect. I even have a motorcycle lift table that is 30x96 and will lift two thousand pounds. For the specific job at hand, this little lift will go fron 2.5 inches to 30 inches. Just put a nice piece of 3/4 ply on it and walk that engine off the tractor. I use it for so many things that I cannot afford to be without it. One time I used it to lift a Honda gold wing, after cleaning it up, I set the front forks on a stand and used a chain fall from the ceiling to put the rear on a stand. Then I put the lift on a dolly and was able to nudge the engine loose from the frame and driveshaft by wiggle and slight lift and lower. Just an outstanding tool. So take a 20% off coupon and it is 124.00 plus tax! Outstanding bang for the buck and about ten minutes to assemble. If I had the time, I would use mine as a pattern and make my engine lift into a larger version to put stuff on shelves https://www.harborfreight.com/high-position-motorcycle-lift-99887.html
  14. ohiofarmer

    D-series Oliver style

    Well, I have a Super 88 Diesel in the barn......Pretty cool tractor, but I do not know how much to ask for it.