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  1. ohiofarmer

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    My definition of "wheel horse anonymous" is the ones my wife does not know I have. [yet]
  2. I think it was 23 Million or so. That should not put them out of business.
  3. The Ship came IN... My settlement came in today in a Federal Express envelope. It was 57% higher than what I expected. Just in time for So they left it on the front porch, the equivalent of cash Just glad no one stole it.
  4. ohiofarmer

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    There is a mini-bike supply store in my area that has the 12 inch wheel size 4 ply rated ATV 4 wheeler tires for $80.00 a set..of two... I am tempted for at least one of my herd....
  5. ohiofarmer

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I did some installed sales for kitchen cabinets and bathrooms and such things. The store out of Dayton Ohio was run by grifters who sold the customer itemized repair lists and had a five copy carbon paper sheet. My jobs kept coming up short on stuff like removing , cleaning and replacing the customer's sink in a new counter top. Imagine my surprise when the customer showed me the original sales bill on which he paid all the items that were not included on JUST my copy [but had to be done] to complete the job....All it takes is a metal plate to keep the missing items from transferring through that carbon paper. I threatened to write Chicago about it and then got paid and did not get any other work from them. Their installed sales was not around for much longer anyway. Then there is the time they stole $100.00 by putting a non-requested option on my Sears Discover card.... That little trick cost them more than the $100 in broken craftsman hand tools, believe me
  6. ohiofarmer

    STILL...no spark

    I found out the hard way that you need to make sure that the safety switches need to be in start mode. For instance, make sure that you are on the seat and push in the clutch with the mule drive out of gear. I also had an incident when pushing in the clutch did not activate that switch due to it being out of adjustment range to activate the safety switch. I also really like to use a cheap Harbor Freight timing light to monitor for spark activity. It will pick up little clues more easily than other spark checking devices due to its bright flash. For instance, with my safety switch issue, i got just one flash AFTER cranking to start. That one flash told me that the kill wire was active while cranking, but ceased when i stopped cranking which meant a safety switch was activated.Also, did you know that a spark plug might fire while testing it outside the engine, but might not fire when installed? Timing light or in line spark checker is the better way to check I suppose that the same thing could be seen if you had the machine in a darkened garage or at night. One of my friends found a bad spark plug wire arcing spark that way. Good luck.
  7. ohiofarmer

    Anybody on Disability?

    Be sure to find out what will happen to your benefits once you reach age 62. Will the government just say that you get regular Social Security payments at that time? Will those payments be much less than disability payments you would receive today? It is something you need to know just to be able to plan for it. Being realistic, ten more years of pain every day will take its toll and I feel and have felt your pain. Also, I wonder if you hurt yourself on the job if workers Comp would be more like it? Maybe your employer would be required to give you lighter duty because of your condition.. Not trying to tell you what to do, but just want you to explore what is best for you and your wife..Remember that you are a team and that you can live on less. I got cancer 10 years ago and the chemo [saved my life] really makes me hurt yet today. I did make it to full retirement age, but only did so because i was self employed. Now I can pick and choose what jobs I will do, but this year has me very busy because of lack of guys doing remodeling when new construction is much more exciting... Do the best you can and pray for wisdom if you are so inclined.
  8. ohiofarmer

    “Daddy my tractor doesn’t move right”

    My daughter was in college 100miles away. With a bit of help and advice from me,,she was able to change out a fuel filter [railmounted under the car] and was soon on her way. It totally impressed some of the college men who happened by. She is currently seeking a higher degree and driving a 1979 Buick but wants a truck.....There you go!
  9. ohiofarmer


    I do like Rustoleum,but prefer it in the quart containers. The harbor Freight purple gun with the built in pressure regulator works for me. The red Rustoleum primer works as well and i actually prefer it to the etching primer. I do a light etch with oxalic acid first,then the primer,and then the paint. On the tractorsthat you want to lookolder, there isno reason that you cannot clear over the old paint if you sand it a bit with very fine wet or dry. Practice first on the BACK side of some panels and you will know if all this fuss is for you. You can also add hardener to the paint,but it is something that can be deadly if you inhale the fumes. Even if you make mistakes while learning to paint,color sanding and buffing can correct minor orange peel. I use wet or dry sand paper from800 to 1600 grit and soapy water.It does not take much sanding at all before you buff. Here is a Rustoleum job color sanded and buffed
  10. ohiofarmer

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Glad to see this thread. I gave up on trying to use a manual clutch bonnet on a 14 horsepower predator. Never could get enough power to transfer to the blades That smaller engine has enough power for a 520Hydro with a 48" deck under reasonable mowing speeds with much better fuel "mileage" Just because Predators have ball bearings does not mean they are as good as stock. I have an electric clutch so maybe it can work out after all.
  11. ohiofarmer

    Picked up a pair of 520-H's... school me

    I always tell people to check the idler pulley/arm that tensions the transmission drive belt. There is a plastic bushing that lets the tensioner pivot and that bushing is in a very thin section of sheet metal in the transmission tunnel. If that bushing wears through, it creates a rapidly wearing condition as the surrounding metal wears in an egg shaped hole. The resulting vibration gets so bad that the belt gets thrown off the pulley. Definitely a design flaw on the later machines... I have a 416-8 and that tractor has a air loaded shock that does not wear so fast as the 520, which has a conventional spring
  12. ohiofarmer

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Absolutely. A seller that I bought my last one from told me that Wal-Mart makes it easy to send money if you cannot make it in person. All you really have to do is look at the hood decal to know that that horse was always kept well sheltered in a garage.
  13. The only draw back is you tend to buy too many tractors. The only draw back to that is storage space
  14. ohiofarmer

    C-161 Twin. Engine runs after key is off

    The kill wires that go to the coils have little spade connectors to them. If all else fails, it would be easy to just add a toggle switch that goes to ground on the frame and connects to the kill wires. I got a free MTD husky that had the coils fried from a solenoid that was wired backwards. The 'mechanic" that did the deed panicked and cut the battery wire in two with a side cutter when the magic smoke appeared. Even if the solenoid was wired correctly, that tractor would have died from overheating from the massive mouse nest i found. Some Briggs engines also have a fuel valve that prevents backfire. These valves shut off the fuel at the carburetor when you turn off the key. .If you want to disable the silly safety switches on engines so equipped, just leave the kill wire to the coils not connected and the engine will shut down a few seconds after you turn off the key. Good luck. This should be an easy fix
  15. I blew the motor aut of the trusty Raider 10 . This tractor was advertised as a 12 horsepower 1967 Wheel Horse for $250.00. Runs well and mows well. When I pointed out that the displacement was not enough for a 12 HP at 241CC, he hemmed and hawed and offered me a price of $150.00. I checked 1967 models and it seems to be a 1057. Good compression and does not burn oil if he is telling the truth. Anyway, here it is... I will pick it up later