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  1. EdS

    For Sale 1985 312-8 Wheel Horse

    Jim, I am very much interested in your mower. When could I arrange to see it. I will be coming from Va , and not sure how long it will take to get there. Thanks,Ed
  2. EdS


    Hello, Are you still selling this mower? Thanks Ed
  3. where in Maryland do you live. Thanks, Ed
  4. EdS


    bigman123, What brand is the engine and are you firm on the price. Thanks, Ed
  5. EdS

    2003 Toro Wheel Horse 315-8

    Are you firm on the price. I would be coming from Virginia to pick it up.
  6. EdS

    2003 Toro Wheel Horse 315-8

    nice tractor, can I ask why you are selling it? Does everything work on it? Thanks
  7. EdS

    523Dxi w/power steering

    Hey if the deal falls through give me a shot at it. Thanks
  8. EdS

    1989 312-8 203 hours

    That is a beautiful mower. I am interested in looking at it. I live in Richmond Va so it would take some time to get there. When are you available and would you take a deposit to hold it. Thanks, Ed
  9. EdS


    Can anyone help with the wiring of the switch. All drawings do not show how to wire the three wire switch.
  10. EdS


    So the switch has three wires. I said they all looked black , I could be wrong. One of the wires was not connected and I see no signs where it might have gone. I do have one going to the red and one to the grey in the switch.
  11. EdS


    wrightorchid It is a 3112KE01 with the Mag 12 engine Model 31-12K804-2000001 & up
  12. EdS


    I have a test switch that I need help with. It has three black wires and I think one goes to the red from the battery, one going to a grey wire that goes to the pcb board. Can someone tell me where the third wire goes. It is a 31-12K804. Thanks