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  1. TIGman

    Allis Chalmers 912H grading

    That's my problem, I like "all" the old tractors. . Ones I remember as a kid growing up.
  2. TIGman

    Allis Chalmers 912H grading

    This summer I had the AC 912H over at my son's new pole barn site doing some grader work. Had the job site Boss keeping a close eye on Grandpa's grading skills.
  3. TIGman

    Wheel Horse 1054 Fan!

    Yes I am, she is a sweetheart.
  4. TIGman

    New forum user here

  5. I think my granddaughter likes Grandpa's old Wheel Horse tractors. She loves rides around the property. 1054 was on the ride list the other night.
  6. TIGman

    1962 Cub Cadet Original

    I think my granddaughter likes the Cub Cadet.
  7. TIGman

    Happy Birthday TIGman

    Thanks! Very Much for all the Birthday wishes. Had a great day!
  8. TIGman

    Just a Cubbin'

    Very nice! Brings back memories of my Grandpa's farm. He had a 1948 Cub that he bought new and used on his raspberry- blueberry farm.
  9. TIGman

    1962 Cub Cadet Original

    Nice Cub ! That's great that you and your Dad could work on it together.
  10. 953 nut here's an update on the 753 clone . It has been a worker over the summer months helping out with the yard work. During the fall season now also. LHas been doing a fine job too.
  11. TIGman

    I Just Had to Have One

    Great find T-Mo ! Will make you a nice one.
  12. TIGman

    1962 Cub Cadet Original

    Well besides picking a up B80 recently, I also had another friend give me a 1962 Cub Cadet Original project. So far it is coming along nicely, even had it started up. Some "Before and After" pictures. Still have a ways to go yet.
  13. There we go Got some photos added. Some before and after cleaning the barn dust off the B80.
  14. It says reached my limit on attachments....so I have to delete some old ones I guess.
  15. I had a real good friend ask if I'd like a Wheel Horse to tinker on? Sure. He gave me a B80 that had been setting out in the barn quite a few years. Free is always a good price. Hope to get her back running soon.