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  1. Hi all... I just wanted to pass along some information. I needed to replace my wear bar on my 54” snow blade. Warn makes a high density plastic wear bar for their plows which are 54” as well. I ordere on one and attached it. I had to drill new holes in the plastic wear bar to mount it. Much easier to drill through the plastic than the steel. I’m interested to see how long this wear bar lasts.
  2. BigRedGrizzly

    Bigger Blade and a Question

    Hey Craig... Sweet job on that plow. I’m planning on overhauling mine as well after this winter. However, I’m in need of a new wear bar immediately. I was wondering if you could let me know where you got your set up.
  3. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hi Fellas.... I am stumped on this reverse loss of power issue I'm having. Initially I thought it was because one of my hydraulic hoses were leaking. So I got new hoses and I figured that would solve the problem. But it didn't. Next I thought it was because the drive belt was too loose. So I got a new nice tight belt. Unfortunately I am still experiencing A loss of power in reverse. I am also noticing my three point harness and the mower deck slowly drops. This happens with the motor running and of course with the motor not running. I have recently changed the oil and change the filter but it is still happening. I am not noticing any fluid leaking anywhere. Anybody have a clue as to what might be causing this?
  4. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hi Fellas... My 85" belt is slipping and smoking up a storm.. Lol... I'm going to be looking for a 82" or 83". I seem to have lost some power in reverse. I think it it is because of the loose belt.
  5. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hey there ZTNOO....Thanks for the tips... I didn't notice any zerks in the area you mentioned. I did remove the eclip and lube up the shaft pretty well. I'm figuring this will be a yearly maintenance thing. Off the old deck I salvaged 3 decent blades, two spindles, and 3 pulleys. Unfortunately the middle pulley was welded to the spindle shaft. Not removable. I also salvaged the rear wheels and height adjusting mechanism. For the bracket that attaches the mower deck someone welded washers to the outsides of the bracket. I ground them off and gave it a quick primer coat. Here you can see some pics how I have it set up. If you notice anything out of whack let me know.
  6. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hey all.... I just wanted to follow up with you all. I installed the "very proud" ignition and it started fine. However, the electric PTO and the lights were not working. I spent an hour trying to figure it out and gave up. From what I can tell, I think the power leaving the ammeter is compromised. So instead of messing with it too much I just bought a couple single pole toggle switches and wired them up. Now I have a toggle switch for the electric PTO and the lights. Everything is back to working. I also installed the new mower deck drive belt as suggested. I had to relocate the adjustable pully wheel to get the proper tension on the belt. All and all it functioned great. I have another deck which has a couple rust holes in it. I'm going to strip it for back up parts. Any way here are some pics and a vid....
  7. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Just ordered one up.
  8. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Awesome! Thank you guys👌🏻😎
  9. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Sorry for not being clear... but, yeah, I am referring to the belt from the PTO that drives the blades on the mower deck.
  10. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hey Fellas... Thanks for the guidance... I ordered one from Amazon for $66.00. Once I get that switch squared away I have to figure out how to increase the tension on the belt. At a quick glance it looks like I can slide the pulley forward to increase tension. Either that or I have the wrong belt. I need to do some further investigating. Thanks again for the help..🥓
  11. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hi guys... Something went out on my key switch. The accessories position which allows the headlights and the electric PTO engage is not working. It was allowing me start start the tractor but **** the bed yesterday afternoon. I by-passed the key switch and got her running. I also jumped the PTO to the battery and that works fine too. Both original switches for the PTO and lights are working. I'm having a hard time locating a 5 terminal key switch to match the original. I have found other but the lettering does not match on the terminals. Anyone know of a functional replacement?
  12. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Ahh... Thanks for the offer. I'm good to go now though. Good tip there though. If I ever need to replace that second hose I will grind bevels on the end as you have there. 👍🏻
  13. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hi Fellas... Well it's a fix for now. I replaced the hose with the one WheelHorseMan1000 made for me. I was going to replace the other hose as well since I was in there. However, there is a small issue that will need to be dealt with. The threaded opening where one attaches the hose to the pump is countersunk. The wrench size for the original hose is 16mm. I found that odd, but it was. And the new uses are 11/16. So, the countersink on the pump is not big enough to let the hose go all the way in. I realized as I was removing it and just tightened it back up again. I think the fix wouldn't be to bad if you have a drill press to make that pump countersink a little wider. There is an o-ring on the end of the hose that needs to seal. It looks like I was able to do that but you can see I had to tighten so much the it scraped the countersink edges. It's all buttoned up and so far no leaks. 🤞🏻
  14. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    I just talked WheelHorseMan. He's got just what I need and is hooking me up. Thanks for the lead fellas. 👍🏻
  15. BigRedGrizzly

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Cool... Thanks guys. It seems the hoses migrated over towards the pump fan and the fam blades were striking the hose. Could have been so easily avoided. Frustrating 😡