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  1. slim67

    Jari sickle mower value?

    Noi. Sorry I don't.
  2. Thanks for posting this. The Hood was actually a battle cruiser if I remember correctly. Nonetheless a part of our history.
  3. slim67

    Is your firewood ready?

    That's a nice unit.
  4. slim67

    Free is good... todays side of road haul

    My favorite 4 letter word.
  5. Free is better than cheap.
  6. slim67

    5.00-12 question

    Thanks and nice machine. The current wheels dont have centers but 3 tabs spaced evenly around. I may be able to weld a set of centers inside . I need to post some pics also.
  7. slim67

    5.00-12 question

    Awesome tractor. Thats what they look like.
  8. slim67

    5.00-12 question

    I picked up a set of like new 5.00-12 firestones for a great deal a few weeks back. They have the inter connecting ag pattern .I know i've seen these before but cant remember specifically on what machine but i'm thinking a walk behind. Has anyone here ever run these on their tractors? Im curious if I can get them to fit the narrower 12 inch wheels used for the 6-12s. thanks
  9. slim67

    Happy Birthday 953 nut

    Happy birthday 953! A nice day here.
  10. The yearly Vintage Garden Tractor Show in Sugar Creek,Ohio will be on Saturday, May 12. More info can be found at http://www.vintagegardentractorshow.com/. There is also a swap meet as well.
  11. Loved the commercial where he plays a phyciatrist.He was a mans man. RIP
  12. slim67

    Big Tires on 854

    18 x 8.50-8s are what your looking for. Thats the size golf carts run. The spindles should be fine.
  13. slim67

    Might get called a thief for this 857

    Just don't let granny catch you.
  14. slim67

    Might get called a thief for this 857

    Uh oh. Is this going to be investigated? A horse rustler are you?
  15. slim67

    Might get called a thief for this 857

    How much if you don't mind me asking?