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  1. drewd

    Mower deck rustproofing

    Thanks for sharing! I just located a distributor not too far away and will pick some up and give it a go!
  2. drewd

    Deck conversion

    Worked on deck conversion and decided to keep the rear axle from the deck 05-36XR01 (for vertical shaft engine) as it is in excellent shape. Trimmed the bracket for the front roller down. Cut the rear portion flat on the L bracket from the hanger from a side discharge mower I scavenged so I could use the rear axel from the better deck (05-36R01). However, this deck only had one strap to raise the axle a bit off the deck but the manual shows 3 (1 on the side with the height control and 2 on the other side). So I made two more and put the hanger and axle on deck to make sure everything is fitting before finish work starts! Here's a few pics of the progress. Thanks for all the tips! Drew
  3. drewd

    Spindle disasembly

    Great thanks. I'll remove the bearings and replace what is needed. Hopefully I can get the shaft into shape.
  4. Hi All, I wrote earlier on my deck rebuild to work on my horizontal shaft WH. Making good progress on deck but ran into an issue with one spindle. As you can see the key somehow came out and wore away part of the spindle shaft. This is my first round shaft deck so I want to check before completely disassembling the spindle components to rebuild. I have two questions: 1) what is the best way to remove the bearings, seals, spacers, etc. Use a punch to drive them out of the top or bottom? 2) If I use a lock washer and nut on top of spindle shaft instead of one with Woodruff Key...…can I reuse this spindle? Or is that nuts?
  5. drewd

    Deck conversion

    Will do! Progress on the deck has been pretty good. Had an issue with one of the spindle shafts. When I finally worked it out of the casing I saw the issue. I took a picture with a good woodruff key next to the problem shaft and the broken/worn key. So I need to order a new spindle shaft, bearings and a double center pully. The deck itself is in great shape. Very little surface rust and just a little flaking on the bottom. Once I get this fixed up should last a long time!
  6. drewd

    Deck conversion

    I have the lift bracket from a SD deck that I hope to use on this RD deck. The rear L brackets that bolts to the deck are beefier with sides as the L brackets on the RD that I have seen pictures of are flat. I think the SD decks need more support due to the steal discharge shoot adding weight and needing clearance. The rear axle on the RD that I am converting is in great shape so I was going to cut the sides off of the L brackets to fit under the axle.
  7. drewd

    Deck conversion

    Dave, thanks for the info on that site. They have lots this mower. Question, when the belt tension pully is re routed does the belt size change or is it the same belt? Garry, thanks for the memo on using lockwasher without woodruff key. I have two double pullies from double D mowers and I think I will take the newer one (other is a nice cast in excellent shape) to a machine shop to make the double D round. Thanks guys!
  8. drewd

    Deck conversion

    Thanks, that helps a lot. My mower has the woodruff keys so I will look online for 107439 double pulley. If I run into trouble finding one I do have two double pullies that are double D and might take it to a machine shop and see if they can machine it for a reasonable price (if there is enough meat there to work with). They are from 36" WH mowers so the overall size of the pully should be the same. Thanks again, really appreciate the info!
  9. drewd

    Deck conversion

    Daveoman1966, do you know if it is possible to pick up a double pully from an industrial supply house that would work or do I need a Wheelhorse pully?
  10. drewd

    Deck conversion

    Thanks for the pics, Greatly appreciated!
  11. I picked up a deck 05-36XR01-11097 (9290). It is from a vertical shaft mower. It's in great shape and I want to convert it to hang on my Commando 800. I need help from those of you who have converted these! I assume I must remove the drive pully set up on this and put a double pully on the front blade. Is this correct? If I have to remove the drive pully and go with the double pully on front I will need to replace the belt tensioner set up. I have an old one but not sure if I need to drill holes to fit it. Any info?? I have a hanger from an old deck that I can use and the holes match up. I will just need to raise the bar holding the rear height adjustment wheels a bit to fit the lift brackets under the bar. Any advice from those that have done this is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Drew
  12. Great thread on your project! Making great progress.
  13. drewd

    Lug Nuts # 1004

    Hi All, I need to pick up several lug nuts (part # 1004) for my 1987 416-8 that I picked up last Fall. Are these universal and available at most shops or do I need to order them on eBay or other vendors? Thanks!
  14. drewd

    Front Wheel Bearings

    No it is not for the faint of heart! Glad I did it though as it was over 90% torn and the pictures looked like an old beat up paint brush. Feeling better and stronger a bit more every day.
  15. drewd

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Well I have been out of action due to rotator cuff surgery in February. Doc said 4 months to recover...it took 4 months to do anything! Finally able to get back to this tractor! Wire wheeled the rims then primed and painted. Mounted new tires with tubes and pressed in the new bearings. Now that I can finally work on the project again I'll start on the rest.