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  1. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    Will do upgrades to my aging ratchet straps
  2. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    Finally got her back together!
  3. diddy78c

    Happy Birthday Jim

    Happy birthday!
  4. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    Sounds like you work for a similar company I did several years ago. I always try to look stuff over but apparently I missed it that day. But lessons learned no one was hurt, except the pocket book.
  5. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    On a positive note I did get an old c-175 last Saturday 😎
  6. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    I have had these straps 6 years none failed until that day
  7. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    Definitely no fun, was he able to fix his
  8. diddy78c

    Ratchet strap fail

    Last week I was hauling the c-121 back from my daughters softball practice (I used it to drag the diamond) and I made a right hand turn and stopped at the stop sign. As I made the left onto a non busy county road I watched in my right mirror as my horse decided it didn’t want to be trailered any longer. It rolled over 1 completely time and sat on its wheels. Unfortunately it broke some parts and tweaked the hood and deck lower-lift handle. I did manage to put it back on the trailer as a tripod and get it home. Always check your straps and rigging. Found the ratchet failed in my case. And unfortunately i cannot download a picture for this🤨
  9. diddy78c

    Happy Birthday Saltwright!

    Happy birthday russ
  10. I got some pics this morning at the Franklin County Machinery show,
  11. I cleaned it up with steel wool and wd40. Looks better and it will work. I'm taking it over to a machinery show this evening and I'll get some pics of it and post them. If I remember
  12. It's a 8 speed thanks for the info. I will be posting a wanted ad soon
  13. Mine is a 79 and the bracket is there to mount the pto break (if that's what it's called. I'm also missing the drive belt shield as well. I think I'm going to try the wd40 steel wool trick an see how it looks.
  14. I ment to say pto break. Autocorrect Very true, I think when he gets older I'll let him pick a
  15. The wife doesn't like the idea of a second one lol. But just looking for one that's the right size for him