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  1. Paul_Aussie

    520h wheel horse onan engine

    Now don't laugh - but this is for the engine alone is it? I live in australia and am still mourning the loss when the engine blew up on my 520HC. I know someone who lives in Memphis, so (a big so) I could see if they coulsd somehow get it to me. Just lt us know if it is for just the engine and I am assuming it would fit the 520 HC. Any other thoughts ideas (without swearing or laughing out loud) would be appreciated, thanks Paul
  2. Hi there,

    I want to change my location - it is wrong (yep I must have mucked it up when I first joined!) - I live in Crossover (suburb), Victoria (state), Australia (country).  Somehow I managed to get the wrong state when I joined as it shows I live in Queensland (state) - if you can help that would be super.




  3. Paul_Aussie

    1986 WHEEL HORSE 420-LSE #50

    Hope you don't mind the question - but in the first photo - are they all yours???? amazing if the answer is yes. The condition of this thing is incredible!!!!!!!!! Paul
  4. Paul_Aussie

    1992 520-H w/42" rear-discharge mower deck

    thanks for entertaining the idea Randy - cheers, Paul
  5. Thanks Boomer for this info, much appreciated - a shame you cannot post to Kangaroo land, thanks again, Paul

  6. Paul_Aussie

    1992 520-H w/42" rear-discharge mower deck

    Got a quote for $22,000 plus (US$) - lol - Randy - will have to see if I can 'refine' the quote somewhat - a lot really!!!!!!!!!!hansk again - Paul
  7. many thanks AMC Rules for your suggestions to date - I am not sure if it is all a dream of me getting something to enable me to get my 520 up and running again - it was/is an amazing machine and has till now just been so durable.  Whilst I can really only tell a shifter from a ring spanner - I can see, from just how well my 520 worked, how those like you with a mechanical interest can get "your fix" from them and doing them up so well. - this is a great site, the commentary and the tone used towards others is really helpful and respectful - and sorry but I cannot resist it, so "G'Day" to "ya" and "haveagoodweekend" - Paul

  8. Paul_Aussie

    Onan 20HP for 520 HC (1989)

    thanks Tom for going to the trouble to just get the quote above - much much appreciated for your time and effort. I will I think look into what it would cost for maybe a whole tractor - at this stage I am not sure what to do - a bit lost and in reality grieving for my 520 - getting a whole tractor/engine from USA maybe just a dream at this stage. Nonetheless your efforts to date I thank you for - Paul
  9. Hi Neil,  Has been suggested by AMC Rules that I contact you re getting your experience in shipping whole tractors overseas.  I am from Australia and just investigating initially a new engine for my 1989 520HC.  Hope you don't mind the PM (I assume "private message" - yes very new to this site and the mad collectors on it too!!!!).  I have located a 318 Onan which someone kindly got a price of around $1,300 US to send it over here!- hence I suppose what AMC Rules is indicating that maybe I look at getting a whole 520 HC (or equivalent) and get it sent over with mine now being the a spare.  I am not mechanically minded so anything I get sent over will need to be a good running machine - from the general "chatter" I have seen it seems to indicate most guys are sincere in their descriptions and that.  Anyway if you have time to comment that would be appreciated.  I am not sure I can afford to go through with it all - but I do miss my 520 and whilst it was looked nothing like the machines on this site - it just worked and worked for me tirelessly - a very well built tractor from my experience and it did a power of work for me. - thanks in advance - Paul

  10. Hi Muz123,  just asking (don't fall over!) - would you consider shipping it to Australia - only drama is i need to know (obviously!) the shipping costs and that is best done your end there - understnd if too muc hassle and that - cheers (or "G'day" - sorry couldn't resist!!!!) - Paul

    1. muz123




      I'll check around. Hey it must be winter there...I also have a single stage blower!



  11. Paul_Aussie

    Onan 20HP for 520 HC (1989)

    thanks Tcrandall - do you know for sure it will go into a 520 HC (1989)? Like I said I am not sure about the amount of hassle it would be (let alone price) to send involves - happy to squirt $20 (Aus) now if need be just to cover time and hassle your end to get a price on shipping. Also happy for that to be not included in the purchase price too (that is if I can justify going through with it all - gee I hope I can!) - thanks for at least entertaining the idea - Paul
  12. Paul_Aussie

    520 HC - the Onan 20HP is dead - is there a replacement engine??

    thanks Craig - just put an ad in now - see what happens (fingers crossed) - also re earlier question from Blue Delta - sorry no idea re hours - gauge has not worked for the last 14 years! I like this site - whilst not mechanically minded at all - all seem very helpful and that (certainly most are certifiably mad re their passion for their machines too!!!!!!) - Paul
  13. Paul_Aussie

    Onan 20HP for 520 HC (1989)

    Hi All, New to the forum - from Australia and looking for an Onan 20HP for my Wheel Horse 520 HC - I'm not that good a swimmer so someone would need to be prepared to go through the hassle of sending this engine to me in Australia - and to be honest I have no idea of the amount of work/effort that would take from your end there. I am after an engine that is is good to great working condition too please. All help/assistance would be appreciated. I have had my 520 for 14 years and it is a lot like me - looks terrible, old and beaten up but still works great (it doesn't look at all like the ones on the site here - they are like new!!!! congratulations to you all). i have maintained and had the 520 serviced twice per year (minimum) but just two weeks ago it blew up - short blocks need to be re-chromed so my mechanic tells me (I am not mechanically skilled at all, I may have the explanation mucked up a little/lot!!) thanks in advance - Paul from Warragul Australia!
  14. |Hi there Tiggercl,  just found this site - my old 520 HC has killed the engine - nice to know others around like Wheel Horse.  I am not mechanical at all - but I have had my old 520 HC for 14 years - been a great worker - so just investigating what I could potentially do to keep it going. cheers, Paul

  15. Paul_Aussie

    1992 520-H w/42" rear-discharge mower deck

    thanks Randym - I have sent an email to that site - will see what they come back with - my old 520 HC is dead, just investigating what it would take to get another one. thanks for replying, cheers, Paul