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  1. If you’ve followed my posts as I’m rebuilding my ‘77 B80, you know that my most recent problem was with the governor...2 weeks of hard work got me to yesterday when i was ready to mow my lawn...the motor kept bogging down with the blades engaged, so i took another look at my governor and it was still not properly adjusted...I took it down to my neighbor who has the small engine shop and he gave me some pointers...whenever I set the governor and then tightened the bushing, the cross shaft would no longer turn...I made lots of adjustments...turns out that the part of the cross shaft that’s outside the motor was slightly bent, causing it to jam-up when tightened...we found this out after it came loose and bent when I started the mower...at least that’s his assumption...it was already slightly bent and I pushed the bushing on the opposite end out too far causing the shaft to come loose... so, I just pulled the motor again, had him pull the flywheel, and I have to order a new shaft...we won’t know until Tuesday when he helps me pull the camshaft, which I’ve never done, whether or not the gear needs replaced...does anyone have a suggestion on where to find a cross shaft?
  2. ryanmfairbank

    K181 not starting

    @pullstart Right on! Mine will soon be 16 and 18...they are in 10th and 12th grade...we have always given them the option to homeschool or go to public school and this is their choice...I’ve spent years teaching them how to learn as opposed to memorizing facts...that’s the purpose of education afterall...now they have the tools to do whatever they want!
  3. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    Well, I basically just didn’t know what so was doing! lol I went down to my neighbor who owns a small engine repair shop...he’s deaf, which makes communication tough, but I told him what motor I have and he drew a picture picture of the governor and showed me how to adjust it...he also lent me his vibra-tach so I could dial it in...it’s running good now, but I have another problem which I just posted about...feeling pretty overwhelmed...it’s been over 2 weeks working on this thing and my grass is a foot tall! 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. ryanmfairbank

    ‘77 B80 (no power)

    I’m lost guys! This is my first project, and this community has been a tremendous help. I initially rebuilt the fuel system and ignition system on this tractor and found that I was also losing oil. I pulled the motor and 95% of the bearing plate gasket was gone! I replaced all the gaskets and got everything back together. I had some issues with oil coming out around the plug and had a helicoil repair done. I also had some trouble with the governor, which I fixed and got it all dialed in. I’ve had to learn quite a bit as I’ve gone along, and the motor is purring like a kitten! Now, today, I finally go out to mow our property and I put it in gear and it’s just crawling...do matter what gear, it’s barely moving! i had a lot of trouble getting the fender and running board back on, and I suspected that maybe the tensioner was getting caught on the fender. I took it off and that’s not the problem...any ideas??
  5. ryanmfairbank

    ‘77 B80 Frame (short or long)

    Great! Thanks guys...
  6. ryanmfairbank

    ‘77 B80 Frame (short or long)

    So what is the length of the long frame plow? This plow I’m looking at is advertised as 69.5 from blade to end of frame...
  7. ryanmfairbank

    ‘77 B80 Frame (short or long)

    Thank you @Chris G ! I really appreciate the info! So, do these few inches matter when it comes to a plow?
  8. ryanmfairbank

    ‘77 B80 Frame (short or long)

    @Chris G Do you know how to tell?
  9. I have a 1977 B80 Wheel Horse...I’ve been told this model was made with both short and long frames...how do I determine which mine is and what I need to know before buying a plow? 71-08K801-10938 7060
  10. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    I got it fixed...I’ll write a more detailed post when I have time...
  11. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    I just took it out to run, and I have no power...I can’t throttle up enough....no matter the gear, I’m at a crawl...
  12. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    Here’s a video of the motor idling at low throttle and then being advanced to full throttle, with no movement in the Governor arm...the spring is securely positioned within the Governor disc, but is only flexing...again, with the motor not started, it moves freely... 2D1CC80C-C59C-4604-A4B1-A960D9CE68EC.MOV
  13. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    @gwest_ca @pfrederi I took a closer look at the governor this morning...with the motor not running, the the throttle control moves the governor arm freely...at idle, when the wheel moves, its only flexing the spring, and not moving the arm! I thought maybe I had the spring in upside down, so i tried it both ways...I also tried tightening the spring, but no luck...I’m assuming it used to work because the governor wasn’t properly set...any suggestions??
  14. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    @gwest_ca Thanks for the detailed response! I did actually set-up the governor in this manner, but I’m not positive that it isn’t slipping on the cross shaft...I will check it tomorrow morning and report back!
  15. ryanmfairbank

    K181 will crank but not fire

    The first I’m completely baffled by...with the motor off, the throttle cable easily moves the throttle...but when it’s running, and I throttle up or down, nothing! it’s not that the throttle cable is slipping...it’s that there is a lot of tension on the Governor arm...I thought I set the Governor correctly, but maybe I didn’t... i just re-read the manual, and I did what it states...I turned the cross shaft counter clockwise as far as it will go and pulled the Governor arm away from the carb as far as it will go, and tightened...