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  1. Jerry Reynolds

    Starter for 1974 Wheelhorse Tractor

    Hi Thanks for the replies, but I just found a new one locally. Have a good day.
  2. Jerry Reynolds

    Starter for 1974 Wheelhorse Tractor

    Hi. Finally got my tractor rebuilt and running for a day, and then the starter went out! My Wheelhorse has a Kohler 18HP engine. It had an American Bosch starter in it, SMH12C1. Does any one possibly have a working one for sale, or know where I could find one. My computer search was futile for that specific starter. Thanks, Jerry Reynolds
  3. Jerry Reynolds

    Strainer for 1974 D-180 Wheelhorse transaxle

    Hi. I'm looking for a strainer for my transaxle, part # 106047. Thanks for any assistance that anyone can provide.
  4. Jerry Reynolds

    Wanted Parts for 1974 D-180 tractor

    I can't seem to find any Wheel Horse parts or attachments online. I need an ignition coil for the tractor, K4825; mufflers, gas tank (mine's really rusted inside); also interested in finding a backhoe attachment. I just bought the tractor yesterday, so as I get started on this project I know I'll need more! Thanks for any information or help.