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  1. Wildhorse

    Another Kohler K91 restoration

    Nice work!
  2. Wildhorse

    L167 Lawn Ranger

    Looking forward to pics when it's done!
  3. Yes, it is sad to see old stores that helped build a town close down. Progress is what some say, I say it's the end of a great era when people knew each other in town and were civil to each other with common goals. Nothing like a walk down Main St. and being able to chat with anybody in a friendly manner. Try eBay maybe for some vintage lights, I see them on there too. These were actually in original box on shelf from the 60's. Hard to believe they sat on shelf that long in store. I loved going in and just chatting with the older gentleman and hearing stories about the history of town. A rail line used to run right in back of store during the steam era, tracks are still there.
  4. There Douglas wheels and Carlisle tires
  5. Coming along nice! All the work will be worth the end results!
  6. I got them from an old farm feed and machinery store in town a few years ago. They closed up after over a 100 years in business.
  7. Finally finished the Ranger. Big thank you to a fellow member for hub and wheel I needed to replace broken ones. Can I mention your name? I’m very thankful to have found the parts! My nephew loves cruising around on the old girl and I’m glad it will be around for another 50 years 😊 Thank you Terry for new hub and wheel I needed! M
  8. I used a pair of nos Pathfinder sealed beam tractor lights. I'll get more pics as soon as I can for you. I fabricated a couple brackets for them out of 1/8" flat stock mounted to existing holes in frame. Had to paint them red of course 😊
  9. Wildhorse

    mower deck mows uneven rows

    Could be a few things. Bent blade, mower deck itself damaged or spindle damage. Park mower on level surface and lower deck, with mower off turn blades by hand (with gloves) check for blade clearance of both blades from ground in same position at multiple spots in rotation.
  10. Wildhorse

    1077 99% complete

    Looks like a picture from a sales brochure! Takes you back in time, beautiful!
  11. Very nice! Love the Rangers!
  12. Rebuilt an old K181 and replaced the Tecumseh H60 on 655. Rebuilt original diaphragm fuel pump also. Put a nos Nelson muffler on although not original I like the look and sound. Purrs like a kitten. Added some Harley rear bullet lights and nos tractor headlights. Not original but I like the way they look. Rebuilt starter generator and new regulator put on. New condenser and points.
  13. Wildhorse

    B-80 8 speed

    I got a brand new one off eBay cheap. Theres a bunch on there, just search for Kohler K181 carburetor. There not Walbro but they work just as good and I've had no problems. If your float is good on walbro I would take plastic one off new carb and put that one on ( brass one is a lot better).
  14. Wildhorse

    Grass catcher / bagger

  15. Wildhorse

    NOS Grass deflector chute

    NOS Grass deflector chute. Look at pictures not sure what deck it fits but think it's for a 42 or 48". Didn't fit my 37" deck