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  1. R. L. Addison

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    If I was to drill & bush that hole, I would take two identical pieces of flat stock & put between machine table & machined boss & clamp it. Clearance would have to be provided for the drill to go through without drilling into the table, & clamping (for position) would be easier on the other face of the machined boss. Wish I could draw you a picture as I'm afraid I'm being confusing. MMmm m m m let me stew on that for a while,. maybe I can do it with a camera after Mama is home.
  2. R. L. Addison

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Haven't been able to do anything to my red stuff for a while, been busy helping my "Bride" get ready for a triple by-pass (11-27). Dr. emailed a list of things to be done each day, (house-hold, physical, & others) to make it easier, & safer at home & hospital, so you know why I am behind on MY schedule in everything. God has His own schedule, & that's the important one! I recently purchased a tired 417A & working toward putting a 12 h.p. K series on it (hopefully) and use it for a "utility" unit, and set it up so I can take it to storm/disaster sites for emergency lighting/power for tools etc. My quick mount generator/air compressor & hopefully (soon) high pressure pump I think could be a valuable short-term asset in many situations, & I have a two wheel trailer for on site portability if ever needed for emergency & personal use. If PO bought this new, I don't think he ever blew any of the dirt/debris out of it, as every cavity that was capable of holding anything was full. I don't see how the directional control could work. Too many visitors are wanting to see my wife tomorrow, so rather than get run out of the hospital tomorrow I plan on playing until the coast is clear & I get clearance. One good thing is I FINALLY got money for RS support & a few parts. Wife home 11-10, doing well, Dr. appt. 11-15, Dr. very pleased, she's doing excellently, ("do anything you want to & feel like, but heavy lifting, but STAY ACTIVE") & push yourself a little to build yourself up. Result of GODs love & prayer from all over U.S., & places & people we do not even know about. Thanks to the prayer warriors in this group.
  3. R. L. Addison

    Sunstrand parking brake location?

    That is an older screen than the ones that came apart in my transmissions, the magnets are epoxied on the closed end of the screen as in my pictures, outside. The wire will hold them in place as shown. Maybe updated for fear the magnets could come out or they caused a reduction in oil flow to pump. Closed loop system should not make that much difference though.
  4. R. L. Addison

    Sunstrand parking brake location?

    Sorry to have to make two entries, can't remember how to do multiples. I just folded wire into open end. I used care in drilling! Hope you can tell wire is between pleats in picture.
  5. R. L. Addison

    Sunstrand parking brake location?

    I epoxied mine back together then ran wire (stainless).
  6. R. L. Addison


    Usually about the first thing I do on those, switch & solenoid.
  7. R. L. Addison

    Sunstrand parking brake location?

    Three of the last four I have been into have had the epoxy that holds the strainers together let loose & the strainers have been in pieces in the bottom of the case. No others have mentioned it, so maybe I'm the only one, but why just these? I'm now putting safety wire through them to keep them together.
  8. Garry- Bought W.H. tractor 1117KE01 Sr.28254 outside of Fredricktown, Mo. last Sat. w/rear discharge mower (42'?) & every empty space completely packed with debris, rings burned up, so it burns more oil than gas. 


    Don't know how much of this you want, keep all, delete all as is desired.


    Ron Addison

  9. R. L. Addison

    Wheel horse charger 10- part out

    Any deck or equipment?
  10. R. L. Addison

    C Series Parts

    How much for front wheel spindles?speed control lever complete?
  11. R. L. Addison

    What's missing mower deck

    Remove shim plate & install bracket the way it was designed to be, & home free. I'm setting up a "mutt" (spare parts machine) & that is the only difference, except for your shim they are the same.
  12. R. L. Addison

    D 160 lost forward power

    Foreward check valve stuck.
  13. R. L. Addison

    520H exhaust bolts sheared off - how hard to fix?

    Might check you tube, saw some good work on there last night.
  14. K321as would probably fit. If I remember right, about 2" lower than K3212s.
  15. I think I'm going to make new dipsticks for my units. I think I can make servicing a lot easier, although my record of being right seems to be about five to eight percent as a life time average.