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  1. TimH

    carb help please

    Looks like a replacement carb from I Save Tractors. They have parts in stock. for theirs and OEM carbs. If I remember right This is a replacement for a Carter Carb.( OEM Kohler )
  2. TimH

    New carb Or Kit ?

  3. TimH

    New carb Or Kit ?

    Ended up and drove to next town and got a kit from dealers for 10 bucks All is good now Thanks
  4. TimH

    Plow On

    Had a good freeze this morning in NW Ohio. Took time to service and tube front tires this morning. Then put plow on. Any one else ready for the crappy stuff ?
  5. TimH

    1941 John Deer B

    1941 John Deer B . Bought new in Botkins Ohio Wife's grand father in Jackson Center Ohio. Restored in 2002 New paint, engine overhaul and new rubber. Hand start $3500.00 or OBO PM me for more info.
  6. TimH

    New carb Or Kit ?

    Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/112295485571 2 gal 140 watt
  7. TimH

    New carb Or Kit ?

    Found Gasket that was on a old Honda Scooter That worked. I love this new carb cleaner . IMG_0395.MOV
  8. TimH

    New carb Or Kit ?

    I broke down and set up a Cleaner I have had for a short time. Main jet and carb cleaned up really well. Choke and throttle shaft look ok. Float had hole in it I had to solder. Needle was stuck in closed position. Cleaned up well. Polished seat with Q-Tip in a drill with valve lapping compound. Just going to need a gasket set. Turns out Horse has been setting for ten years. Changed fuel lines , Cleaned tank with acetone and sealed with tank sealant. New filter.
  9. TimH

    New carb Or Kit ?

    Trying to find a new carb or Kit for a 4 hp K90
  10. TimH

    Kohler M12 Adjustments

    Thank you so much pfrederi Man is nice . Working like new now. Looked like Gov. settings were reset by person I bought Horse from. Now on to see if needs head de carbon and Valve adjustment check
  11. TimH

    Kohler M12 Adjustments

    I did find the Gov. spring was looking like it was to long when engine was shut off FYI I checked to make sure throttle butterfly was full open with Gov was pulled as far to left
  12. TimH

    Kohler M12 Adjustments

    Back Ground : Kohler M12 Adjustments , Removed gas tank Removed messed up filter screen, Flushed out tank, Replaced fuel lines and added inline fuel filter Replaced Carb and linkage from I Save tractors. Checked fuel pump is good. Runs better than it ever has. Problem I am having is Horse doesn't seem to run at high enough RPM Plus governor Slows engine down going down a slight incline Does better with mower deck engaged . Is there a video or instructions out there that goes through adjustments ? Thanks
  13. TimH

    M125 Stopped Charging

    Thanks pfrederi and Achto Found a wire broken, Solider and heat shrink . All working great now.
  14. TimH

    M125 Stopped Charging

    M125 Stopped charging the battery. Is there anything besides replacing the battery and cleaning cables that I should look at or test before taking flywheel off ? Plus were is the best place to get a stator if I need one ? Thanks !