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  1. popcat

    Another What Is It Worth Test

    Maybe if you tell us about some old hobbies like bicycling, golfing or yard darts, you could sell them to make room to keep the ole tractor?
  2. All of this painted with a rattle can? Looks real nice.
  3. Did someone really want a Ford or is that a Ford and you did your magic on it? Nice work, how did you paint it and what's the name of the color?
  4. Use a gator blade tip. Got an old set laying around?
  5. popcat

    Tire inflation help

    Going to bump another one. I was told that if you're up to the risk, when all else fails when trying to get the bead to seat is....lighter fluid. Squirt a little inside the tire, use a long handled lighter or match and fire her up. The bead should pop into place.
  6. popcat

    312-8 Going slow in all gears

    Thanks again Garry. I'll put the old gps to and see what I get. Read another thread about some sloppiness in the shifters. I'm also going to pop the top and check this too. Mine is pretty sloppy but feels like everything is engaging.
  7. popcat

    312-8 Going slow in all gears

    I dont know what to ecpect but I'd be willing to hop on it with a GPS and log actual speeds. Like I mentioned, I would be creeping in high 1st, 2 high may be ideal for cutting high grass but seems slow to me and 3 high seems way too fast to mow efficiently.
  8. popcat

    312-8 Going slow in all gears

    I'm bumping this thread because the title sounds like I may have this problem with mine. I'm aware and have used all eight gear selections. Low range would be useless for me, all gearing is way too low for my use. In high range 1st feels no different than any gear in low range. 2nd is a little faster, (still in high range). 3rd will pop the wheels off the ground and is too fast to use mowing (2nd is a bit slow for mowing). Does this sound like I may have an issue to you who have more experience with this fine machine?
  9. popcat

    my new to me 310-8

    Yes, it just creeps in low 1,2 just a bit faster in low 3. In high 1 its low speed, 2 theres a little more speed but 3 is like overdrive. Could there be something thats not quite right?
  10. popcat

    my new to me 310-8

    Finished up my lot this evening. My only two gripes are 2nd gear is too slow and 3rd is too fast. I tried to throttle down in 3rd but felt the blades should run faster. The other is I'd like to make a mulch cover and maybe add some gator blades, that one is fixable. Why are these tractors geared really low for there size? Something else I need to look into is having the deck raise higher when locked in top position...if possible.
  11. popcat

    310-8 Starting Problems

    The one I bought has a brand new solenoid on it. May have been a similar problem with it. Also noticed there is a couple of fuses that might be worth a check or a safety switch. Just a few thoughts that may help.
  12. popcat

    my new to me 310-8

    The first mowing went well. 2nd is a little slow and 3rds a little fast but Ive never found one that's geared perfect for me. Very cool mowing vintage style. Looks like it would be best to replace the whole fuel line. Where I added the filter it's sweating fuel but not dripping. Also checked out the brake band, a simple adjustment is going to fix that so that will save about $85. There looks to be a attached add-on bracket for something. I don't know, two brackets, one each side.
  13. popcat

    Simplicity Regent shop manual

    This is the same manual you can get online but I printed it off and put it in a 3ring binder. Make offer if $20. is unaffordable. Thanks
  14. popcat

    my new to me 310-8

    I made it to TSC and got me some tires and tubes. What a fun job of changing them was. I was going to repaint the rims but I'll save that project for a later date. TSC had everything else too except the brake band. Looks like Partstree has that part. Gorilla tape is going to fix the seat for now. I'm ready to mow and will put it to the rest here shortly. Here's a pic,