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  1. Robert2000996

    8 speed transmission

    Text me at2196895647 I'm interested
  2. Robert2000996

    Wheel horse and snow thrower

    Honestly not sure. Had 12 hp kohler and I put on 14 hp kohler it's the 8 speed unidrive trans. Has hood like the Broncos did
  3. Robert2000996

    Wheel horse and snow thrower

    Wheel horse 14 hp, runs and operates good with working snow thrower.
  4. Robert2000996

    wanted: good used or NOS Kohler breakerless ignition parts

    I have a coil and maybe a trigger let me look . coil is new I put it on engine then decided to go breaker ignition. It was on about 1 hour of run time.
  5. Robert2000996

    K361 engine

    What was it going for
  6. Robert2000996

    K361 engine

    Ist been on the power king,international, cub, hydromac,and wheel horse. I was upset, but it ran great for years.
  7. Robert2000996

    K361 engine

    I hope so too .it's a rare one.
  8. Robert2000996

    K361 engine

    Looking for a good k361 block, or full engine. Left mine sitting on engine stand I made off my bench over night. Go figure the foot of the bench went through the 3/4" decking of the shed and tipped over dropping block onto an axle I had on the floor. Needless to say axle was fine...
  9. Robert2000996

    in need of 854 parts

    I'd take 20 for it . If interested call me or text 219-689-5647
  10. Robert2000996

    in need of 854 parts

    Probably not anything use to you but I do have a top portion of the hood I found it in junk yard it's free of dents, but something one had cute the front portion off where the front face rolls over top then they are joined to make a fullhood at the seam. It's a very straight cut..
  11. I have a variety of microfiche slides for Koehler ,Briggs, Tecumseh, Toro, etc. Any ideas what they may be worth. I have a box 12"x8"x3" full of them.

  12. Robert2000996

    in need of 854 parts

    I have 3 (854 )parts tractors none with engine most of the rest is there.
  13. Robert2000996

    Mid Mount idler shaft for front mower carrier

    Give me a holler, I've got what ya need.
  14. Robert2000996

    520 air cleaner top

    Mine did the same .I had primed it then took it to a graphics and signs shop they wrapped it with a chrome vinyl, they cut the excess off and it holds great been two years so far with it I like it and it only cost me $10 and a day of waiting.
  15. Robert2000996

    Riding then died now won't crank

    It was a bare wire