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    1974 Wheel Horse A90 Special it has only had one year off sence it was new. It has the original 8hp B/S and is used all summer never smokes . Nothing major has ever been done to it except for the paint. Dismantled and stripped of all old paint then two coats of epoxy primer three coats of automotive red and three coats of clear. I did put L.E.D headlights on it . They are in the grill openings barely seen in the day but light up the night.

    1950 Ford 8N (Restored ). Grey MARKET YANMAR 1500 use it to much to restore.
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    74 A90 special

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    The satisfaction of taking something other's call junk and restoring it to better than when it was new. The wife hates it lol.

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  1. Derek M

    Close to Home 1966' 1276

    I'm actually in the Propane business. It would work if you wanted to keep it that way. Making room for a tank could be awkward. Lots of old tractors used propane well everything can anymore. Just the factor of tank space alone i would stick with gasoline. But that's just me.
  2. Derek M

    Why the muffler stacks out the side..

    That's what i thought but apparently if they don't own it they can use it lol. That's what one told me. Sounds like some other people i know.
  3. Well i disk a good sized garden today, Mowed my yard and the guy's yard across the road all on my 1974 B/S 8hp . Any body else still running the original motor.  Spark plugs & oil is all I've ever done to it.

  4. Derek M

    Diesel Swap?

    Hmm i like the idea of this. If my 42 year old motor ever finally dies i may do this myself.
  5. Derek M

    Why the muffler stacks out the side..

    Just had to mention that i seen two Amish guy's today. Both we're driving what looked like garden tractors that had stacks every bit of 4 1/2 ft. Possibly 5 ft. Apparently they couldn't hear anything because after a 1/2 mile of driving behind them they looked really surprised a big truck was behind them lol.
  6. Derek M

    New from Pa

    That's my mother-n-law to the T lol strange she has a twin she's never mentioned. I used automotive paint and primer on my Wheel Horse. Should last a few generation's lol.
  7. Derek M

    New from Pa

    Welcome from Ohio. I have no Angeles in my yard only bugs that bite. Any plans to paint her up?
  8. Lol that's one sweet custom fab your my kind of people.
  9. Derek M

    Why the muffler stacks out the side..

    Hmmm i have a extra crotch rocket muffler system off my bike . Wonder what it would sound like lol. Can't be any worse than the kid with the little ugly flat black car that sceams by the house every morning with green headlights. I wouldn't mind a short chrome muffler .
  10. Derek M

    Deck sheet metal repair question....

    Lol sounds like someone took that serious maybe. Didn't think anyone would . Thought it might give someone a laugh or two.
  11. Derek M


    That's sharp
  12. Derek M


    74 A90 Special
  13. Derek M

    2016-04-28 20.37.48.jpg

  14. Derek M


    74 A90 Special
  15. Derek M

    Deck sheet metal repair question....

    Lol it is surprising what you can do stuff. I agree cleat, nothing better than welding . Aways think about the Safety factors involved in the get me by fix . Come next year when under the fix has weakened and a rock from the driveway bust through and hits the dog in the head . Then while setting on the tractor you remember your dog died years ago and you see the dog stagger across the street and fall dead as a small kid falls on the dog crying. Ok nothing but welding will do i vote save your money and weld it. I can't be responsible for such a tragedy.