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    Had a new Horse in 1969, 7 or 8 hp,not a ranger, had it about 10 yrs or more. I bought my Electro 12 along the way and fell in love with it, still have today! We had a 520H w/60inch deck for a while then a Toro ZTR 44inch.
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    Electro 12

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    Retired mechanic and lawn care
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    My old Electro 12 and my 8 grandchildren!!

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  1. Cub fan

    Show question?

    Is there going to be a M&G show in Warsaw, In. In 2018 ?
  2. Cub fan

    C100 Wheel Horse

    This is a great looking machine, you can be very proud of it.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Jim
  3. Cub fan

    Any interest in a large Indiana WH event?

    Is the WH show still on for Father's Day in Rochester,In, and is that at the Fulton County facility? Is this going to be a 2 day show? Is there a exsibitors fee? I have a friend who has 3 horses and I have 1, will get comitment from friend. Thanks Jim. My E-mail address if you need it. 😊 jkatterhenry@indy.rr.com
  4. Cub fan

    Anyone else hate the taste of gasoline?

    Everybody has great ideas so here is mine, I use a rubber hose and cut a small hole close to the end and use my air gun ,blow in the hose downward and the flow will start, works great for me.πŸ˜„ πŸ˜€
  5. Dan693, this may not be the place to ask you but you had a post sometime back about sometimes it is better to just do a clean up on an old unit instead of a complete restoration due to time and skill. I want to do that to my unit not sure where to start and what products to use, I read a lot of your article and respect what you have written and done. If you can give me some advice I would be thankful. Jim the Cub fan and your neighbor in Carmel.
  6. Cub fan

    What is?

    Thanks to all. JimπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  7. Cub fan

    What is?

    What does nos stand for? Jim
  8. Cub fan

    1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    cdr_warsstar, I am interested in your no name 12 auto, I am Jim the cub fan in Carmel. I'll try to reach you o Thursday by phone. l have a trailer so dellivering is not a problem. Thanks for the pictures. Jim😊😊 my e-mail is jkatterhenry@indy.rr.com
  9. Wow!! Great information on this site, Question, how does playing card work on paint masking? Thanks Jim go Cubs!
  10. Cub fan

    tractors and lots of parts

    Do you have a seat pan & tool box it mounts to for a 1970 electro 12 automatic? Jim. From the cub man. Thanks
  11. Cub fan

    Mower deck

    I need a 44inch deck for a Toro Z master model 74161, deck part # 106-5883 thanks for your time. Go Cubs. They are Hot! Jim
  12. Cub fan

    Show locations and dates

    Thanks, I'm learning the system. Jim
  13. How do I find out about shows & swap meets in Indiana? Thanks Jim
  14. Cub fan

    I need help.

    Thanks for your reply to my question about the seat I need. Do I look up the part number in the manual section here in the forum? Jim
  15. Cub fan

    Seat pan brace &. Box

    Thanks for your time & pictures but these are not the right parts that I need. Thanks again for your time. Jim