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  1. tidewaterva

    52" 5xi deck 78370 like new

    Ron, The deck weighs 220#. Width is 59". Depth is about 38". It is about 8" high. I am busy and would appreciate if you could research shipping quotes. I can take it to any L T L carrier in the Richmond VA area. Don't forget to add the weight of a pallet to the total shipping weight.There would be a 100$ charge for me to provide and strap it to a pallet and deliver it to a freight terminal (about a 45 mile trip one way). Text or call me if you wish to discuss.
  2. tidewaterva

    78370 5xi mower deck on 518H?

    I posted this deck for sale in the classified section. This deck is much deeper front to back than the 48" deck that is original to my 518. There is not enough space to keep the tires from rubbing on the deck.
  3. tidewaterva

    52" 5xi deck 78370 like new

    A model 78370 52" deck for 5xi series tractors. I bought it hoping to adapt it to my 518H tractor but there is just not enough space between the front and rear axles on my tractor. It was evidently sold as a replacement deck and it has seen very little use (I am guessing a few hours) since new. The paint has not yet worn off the inside of the drive pulley. Has grease zerks on the spindles and a hose hookup on top for washing out the underside. This is a very well built deck with heavy gauge steel used for the shell. Previous owner tried to use this deck on a 312 -8 and the rear tires wore some paint off the height adjustment rod in back. He also did some minor grinding on the front mounting rail. Minor imperfections. I dont have a mule drive for it. Overall this is a very solid deck and should provide many many years of service. Price is 350 or I would trade for a 48" side discharge deck for my 518H, but it must be in excellent condition. Call or text to discuss.
  4. I picked up a like new 52" mower deck model 78370 today for a very low price. I have a 518H tractor repowered with a P220G engine. I am hoping that there would be a way to mount the 52" deck on my 518H. My existing 48" deck works well but is rusting out. I do have all of the mounting hardware that I could transfer from the 48" deck. Previous owner tried to use the deck on a 312-8, but his AG tires were rubbing against the height adjuster rod in back, and 12 HP was not enough to drive the deck properly. Thanks for any help.
  5. tidewaterva

    Need help with mower drive belt

    Thanks for the welcome and advice- it could be that the sides of my old belt had worn down, allowing it to bottom out in the pulleys. I will try a new 1/2" x 103 belt. I look forward to checking in on this forum in the future. I also am partial to Case garden tractors and have a 444 that I repowered with a Kohler K341AQS and a 646 loader with an Onan CCKA.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to the WheelHorse brand- last year I purchased a 518-H as a backup to a zero turn mower and for mowing at some remote locations. The 518-H has been repowered with a 20 HP Onan which appears to be a WheelHorse application engine. The engine fits perfectly and runs perfectly also. The deck drive belt is failing and appears to not be a correct size belt. I have a 48" side discharge deck. My question is- do I need the same belt as a 520-H with this deck would use? Is the 20 horse engine pulley location any different than the original 18 HP? The belt that was on previously was a 1/2" x 103" size. It seemed to be too narrow and was bottoming out on the pulleys. It was also too long. I believe that a 5/8" by 100" belt would work, but these belts are pretty pricey and I don't want to guess. Thanks for any help.