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  1. Jerry77

    Just a Cubbin'

    Sweet ! ! ! always admired the cubs......especially with a blade...
  2. Use a piece of string to check for alighnment...bad alighnmernt sounds like what is throwing the chain....
  3. Jerry77

    1962 Cub Cadet Original

    Nice !....wish I still had mine...enjoy
  4. Jerry77

    I Just Had to Have One

    I had a 62....the one in the pix is a later model..maybe 64 or 65? mine was an original with 7 hp and oil bath air cleaner and 38 in deck..that frame looks even later than that...
  5. Jerry77

    Fool's Gold ?

    Hi - I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.....BS....I think by now we can all agree that the FBI is dirty....hard to fight city hall.....ugh, I'm getting too old for this stuff....I just get madder and madder when I read stuff like this....I'de better stop there.....
  6. Jerry77

    Anybody on Disability?

    Do as much as possible in person and keep copious notes of times and dates and NAMES and facts of each interview with whoever, including your lawyer..notes written at the time (or close to ) are admissible in court ( where if you get there will be your best protection. ) A small journal would be invaluable...
  7. Jerry77

    New Neighbors

    Bummer Ed...I don't like encroachment either....
  8. Jerry77

    Where have I been, and doing what?

    That was my first thought
  9. I installed a jib crane with trucks and 1 ton chain fall when I built my pole building....easily handles up to one ton...be tough to be without it now...
  10. Thanks for the pics....I would do that in a heartbeat.....
  11. Jerry77


    That would be my guess too....
  12. Jerry77

    Eaton 1100

    I'm west of Bedford...about 35 miles from Nashville ( Indiana ) I thought you were in Tennessee...that's too bad about Fastenal..I had an identical unit minus the tires shipped from Richmond Va.. to Bloomington In for 125 dollars..most common carriers wanted 3 to 4 hundred dollars...by the way the unit will weigh around 160-180 pounds..my seller had strapped it to a skid..glad you covered the ends of your hoses to keep the dirt out..hope you have luck with shipping....
  13. Jerry77

    Eaton 1100

    Well, that just xxxx...they were doing a good job at about 1/2 the price of shipping by common carrier...
  14. Jerry77

    Eaton 1100

    Fastenal is your cheapest way to ship...been there -done that.
  15. just so you know - it is 180 pounds...and awkward to handle...happy hernias.....