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  1. Ashton Vancoutren


    Why oil do I use for my 704 transmission?
  2. Ashton Vancoutren


    How do I know what attachments will fit on my 1964 604? I see lots of plows and snow blowers for sale but have no clue what will fit my tractor.
  3. Ashton Vancoutren


    Is this a good place to get decals? https://www.redoyourhorse.com/604-decal-kit-1964/
  4. Ashton Vancoutren

    New horse!!!

    Got this last summer and I'm currently in the middle of a restoration. I can't wait till it's done and will be at the Winamac, Indiana Power from the past! It's not a 653 it's actually a 604. The second picture is a from rim I just got done doing.