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  1. So I should have taken a before picture. This was the best before picture I could find of the driveway. This picture was after a pass or two knocking the center hump down. Works pretty well Then other side This was after about 40 minutes of grading. I thought it was pretty impressive for a lawn mower. She got pretty dirty the grader blade was easy to hook up took like 3 or 4 minutes. I still had the chains on from winter.
  2. Well I have been looking for close to 3 years for a mid mount grader blade for my 99 520lxi. We have about a 260 foot long driveway with like a 50x50 feet parking area. It was getting pretty rough. So I found a grader blade for sale on Craigslist on the way to work. We text back and for then next thing you know I was leaving work early to go pick it up before somebody else bought it. Turns out the guy I bought it from is a on red square. Here is the blade. It was a NOS from 1999. I had to get out my caliper to check it out. The side plates on the grader are .500 thick. Someday I plan on adding a wear blade to the bottom of it. I kinda felt a little bad about using it being as it made it 17 years with out seeing any dirt.
  3. Thanks feels good to finish it up. No the seat was from northern tool it has a little lower back rest and I had to drill 2 holes in the bracket to get it to fix. But it works. I wish I would have saw that v-818 seat looks better but a little more expensive. I can't remember the exact price of the key I am thinking it was around like $3.00. I thought it was a nice finishing touch lol
  4. Well the key worked. Felt good to finally drive it and finish I up. I put a new seat on it one from northern tool. A week or so after these pictures One more angle Pretty much done with the tractor part of it. I already went threw the snowblower cleaned it up and put a new chain on it. Just have to go threw the mower deck. Then off to the next project. Thanks for looking
  5. Got the last piece. Just take her for a spin is left
  6. I see. Still kinda cool to see.
  7. Interesting I would have thought some of that stuff would have been more expensive. I see I paid alot for my mid mount grader blade all well at least I finally found one. That shipping weight was interesting to. Says it's only 870 pounds the other info I found about the weight of the 520lxi says it weighs in at 1023 pounds
  8. Nice how did you get ahold of that dealer binder thing sounds kinda cool. I would be interested on what they sold a mid mount grader blade for to if you had it in that binder thing. I picked the grader blade up a few weeks ago. Works really well And the price of the rototiller if it was in that binder thing. Just curious not that it matters much at this point in time
  9. Any idea what the price of a new 44 inch 2 stage snowblower was.
  10. Any idea what the original price was on that from back in the day
  11. Looks like fun we didn't get any significant snow falls the last 2 years kinda lame. Cab would be nice although I am debating selling the cab I got off ebay. Not sure if I want to store it when I am not using it. I kinda want to rig up some actuators or something one so I don't have to get off the tractor to move the top chute. Then one to rotate the chute so I won't have to crank the handle. Maybe a future project
  12. Looks like some clean tractors. That 60 inch deck would be perfect for the Dxi I tl haven't tried it yet on the 520lxi but seems like maybe kinda big for 20hp. Although the guy I bought it from said it worked well. The snowblower on the other hand works great on the LXI. This was a few winters ago like prolly a 20 inch or so snow fall. Driveway is prolly 275 feet long with a 50ftx50ft parking area. It's a good time with the 2 stage snowblower. Works very well
  13. Here is a quick shot of the 99 520lxi that I bought like 3 years ago with 154 hours on it. Although it is prolly at about 170 ish hours in this pic. You can tell this pic is old because that was back when I use to have room in my garage lol
  14. Those are some pretty low hour machines. Hopefully it won't be anything to serious with the Dxi being as the hours are so low. I bought my 99 520lxi about 3 years ago with 154 hours on it. Don't know to much about the 520h but I think they look cool. I kinda vagly remember seeing them on the dealer floor when I was a kid.