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  1. Indiana_Steve

    857 starts but won't run

    This a carb issue. Either the float is set wrong, jets dirty, or not getting enough fuel. (filter?). Rebuild the carb . Refuse to pay the exorbitant price for non-ethanol gas . Regular ethanol gas has worked in my tractors for years with no ill effects.
  2. Indiana_Steve

    GE brochures...

    Actually there are quite a few Electric tool options still in existence. They are not too hard to come by. Of course getting a little pricy. He re is a guy that has one of the best collections. http://www.myelec-traks.com/ These are powerful tractors. Search around they are out there. Fun to work with. Glad you enjoyed the artcles.
  3. Indiana_Steve

    taking out the 953 for a spin

    I really like mine too. Runs good but puffs a little smoke sometimes. It will get a ring job next Spring.
  4. Indiana_Steve

    "Floppy" rear deck wheels...

    Here's a video of what I am seeing. Whatcha think? M4H04373.MP4
  5. Indiana_Steve

    "Floppy" rear deck wheels...

    Yes they are but the wheels themselves aren't the issue, the linkage that adjust the wheels is. Both sides the same so was wondering it that the way they are.
  6. I have a 0621 RD deck and there is something I have been wondering about for a long time. The rear wheels are "floppy" and I was wondering if that is the way they were designed. The bolts are tight but the linkage to the wheels have sleeves so even if the bolts are tight there is a lot of movement. Is this normal? Deck mows well.
  7. Smells like a diesel to me............
  8. Indiana_Steve

    312-8 electrical woes

    Not real familiar with the "newer" tractors but to me safety switches can be the cause.
  9. Indiana_Steve

    carburetor clean and refurb

    Carb kits are easy to find and not expensive. Most kits have a replacement float valve/seat and new gaskets. Clean everything else. They do not come with a mounting gasket. Best to buy one as any air leak will effect the carb operation.
  10. Indiana_Steve

    Stable mates..

    Yes sir!
  11. Indiana_Steve

    Stable mates..

    Finally have my '72 Raider 10 finished. She is a working tractor so not so pretty. Re-ringed engine, rebuilt deck, and other odds and ends. Now my 953 has a mate. Who knows with the two of them maybe a C160 will appear.....
  12. Indiana_Steve

    PTO clutch lining..

    Where does one get new friction material for the PYO clutch? Mine is getting pretty thin.
  13. Indiana_Steve

    36" rear discharge rotary mower...

    Dave, Heated the spindle and was able to tap the bearing out right through the bearing cap. Now to get the other two pulleys off without breaking them. Those bearing are a little pricey.
  14. Indiana_Steve

    36" rear discharge rotary mower...

    Ed that's what I have. The pulley had come loose and the spindle shaft wore out the pulley. The shaft doesn't look bad. Have to re-thread the bolt holes for the pulley. Apparently PO didn't realize what all the noise from his deck was. Anyway, looks like bearings all around. Looks like you just push out shaft to replace them.
  15. Indiana_Steve

    36" rear discharge rotary mower...

    Definitely need new front double drive pulley. Thinking of replacing bearings in the spindles. Is this a good idea?