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  1. jay bee

    New around here!

    to @ZXT
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    to Rick. I also have a '76 B-100 8-speed that I bought new. It is still my favorite tractor (I have three now. Like others said "it's an addiction"). Clean the carb on the B-80 and keep some Sea Foam in your fuel.
  3. jay bee

    My first horse! C-100

  4. jay bee

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Kalamazoo is a cool name, does make a good song (I've got a Gal in Kalamazoo), makes a good musical instrument (the Kazoo) not to mention the original home of Gibson Guitar and it is a great area to live in.
  5. jay bee

    Tail lights

    I bought these at Menards. They almost look like original to me. They measure about 4' by 2". https://www.menards.com/main/tools-hardware/automotive/towing-cargo-management/trailer-lighting-wiring/towsmart-reg-red-dual-bulb-rectangular-clearance-light/1411/p-1444447113987-c-1527167451363.htm?tid=5612619303434024714&ipos=42
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    North of 49th New Guy

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    Hello from NW Arkansas

    @Razorback to
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    Hello everyone! New here

    and to
  9. I have sold out of mufflers for the time being. Due to tariffs on steel, my supplier has informed me that the cost would increase by $15 to $20 per unit. I feel that is more than the market will allow. When tariffs are removed, I may put in another order and resume sales. Thank you to all members for your support.
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  12. to Rick. You will find a wealth of knowledge and information here.
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    Scrambled eggs

    @Gmcgruther Always happy to see another Michigander!!!
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    new member brennan bo