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  1. cravenford

    1997 520H w/60" Deck

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  2. cravenford

    1997 520H w/60" Deck

    This is my 1997 anniversary year 520H, complete with a late model 60" mowing deck. The hour meter quit soon after I bought it – I would estimate it has 750 hours on it now. I bought the tractor when it was 6-7 years old from the original owner, with a 48” SD deck on it. Later, I drove to Pennsylvania to buy the 60” deck from a dealer. I will echo what I’ve heard other 60” owners say – I think this deck gives the nicest looking finished cut of any of the Wheel Horse decks. It also has the correct mule drive with it, and an extra set of blades. Front tires are good, and there are Ag tires on the rear. I have 4 Wheel Horse tractors (this one, a 522xi with front end loader, a 416H, and a 520 HC I converted to Diesel power), and this one has been used exclusively for mowing. The battery is on its 3rdseason, but has always been on a battery tender, so it is as good as new; it has a new fuel pump this season, and I have extra belts for it. This is not a trailer queen – paint is faded and some scratches, (though always kept under cover) but is a real workhorse. Tractor has been well-maintained with regular oil/filter changes, greasings, etc. I believe I have the hubcaps for it, but will have to hunt a bit – also the deck belt guard. I do have the plastic belt guard for the side of the tractor. Tractor runs smooth and strong, and is ready to go.
  3. cravenford

    Tractor Weights

    I'm trying to determine weights of my 1996 520H with 60" deck, 522Xi with KwikWay loader, and also my 1991 416H with 48" deck. Does anyone have this information, or are you able to point me to where this info is available? I'm getting ready to purchase ramps for loading my equipment and want to be sure the ramps I purchase are sufficient. Any help will be much appreciated. Craven Ford