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  1. cschannuth

    Hillbilly Snow Gauge

    I wish I could get big bucks for being wrong most of the time. LOL Dont get me wrong, I am wrong a lot. I just don’t get big money for it.
  2. cschannuth

    rear frame mounts for weights

    No. I still have the 857/867.
  3. cschannuth

    rear frame mounts for weights

    Ha ha, that is very nice of you to say but if you look closely my welding looks a little rough. It seems to be holding just fine but it’s not very pretty.
  4. cschannuth

    Hillbilly Snow Gauge

    I prefer to guess the amount. That way when I exaggerate a bit i don't feel like I'm stretching the truth. At least I don't know if I am. LOL
  5. cschannuth

    rear frame mounts for weights

    I have right at 300 pounds on the hitch for my loader tractor. One advantage it does have is that my loader frame attaches at six different locations front to back on the tractor. So my receiver hitch actually ties in to that frame where they both attach to the rear axle. I feel like that gives it some extra stability so not everything is supported by the back axle.
  6. cschannuth

    rear frame mounts for weights

    I added the hitch and built my own weight hanger. I planned to brace it off of the loader sub frame, and I still may, but it is really stout the way it is.
  7. cschannuth

    Lawn Ranger at work

    We love those lawn rangers. Everyone in my family just giggles when they drive ours. Both my boys are about 6’5” and well over 200 pounds and they say they feel very comfortable on that little machine. That’s a great picture.
  8. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    I did a little bit more cleanup in anticipation of more snow this weekend. I know this amount of snow is no big deal for the folks who get lots of the white stuff each year, but for us it was a decent amount.
  9. good morning. I have 1988 416- 8.  I need tie rod ends ? any one have any idea where I can get them. thanks john. also a seat.

    1. cschannuth


      This is one of the vendors on here. They have steering parts. https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/

  10. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    I went ahead and pushed all of my piles back about an extra 3 feet just in case more was coming. However, I had no idea we had a chance to get another 10 or 15 inches so soon. If it warms up tomorrow I may try to push things back even farther. The other thing I did was split things up. I did about 6 inches on Friday night and I did the other 6 inches or so on Saturday and that made things push much easier.
  11. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    I couldn’t agree with you guys more. I used to plow with the 520 but now it’s my full-time FEL tractor. Luckily most of my snow plowing is long straight stretches so I don’t have to do a lot of shifting or lifting.
  12. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    Lane, I think those people sat on I-44 for 9 hours. It was an unbelievable mess. Heavy snow and rush hour did not mix well.
  13. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    I’ll check with my wife and adult daughter but I think I know the answer I’d get. Haha
  14. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    Maybe except for our ugly mugs in the pics but thanks. LOL
  15. cschannuth

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    The best part of this is now I think my younger son understands why I enjoy these little tractors so much. When he was done he told me how much fun he had. Plus, I overheard him telling his mom how glad he was we had the tractors so we didn't have to shovel the hill driveway.