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  1. cschannuth

    Finally Some Snow!

    The weatherman was wrong again and we got 7” of the wet stuff overnight. They said about 1-3” so I didn’t even put the 54” blade on the C-161. I assumed the 606 Rat would struggle but it did great even with the blade angled. I started off in the back pushing straight ahead since I assumed it wouldn’t stay straight with the blade angled. The hill worried me but it went right up. My son snapped a video and some pics. I had a blast. Sorry for all the pics. 6E8D0B79-7EE2-4BCA-B322-AC3EE5710237.MOV 071927F9-C1B8-4331-8288-5EAD280F3332.mov
  2. I pushed a 48" with my 520H with only fluid in the rear turf tires and my big butt in the seat for many years. It was on concrete and I never had any trouble. I had chains but on concrete they seemed to reduce my traction so I took them off and never looked back. Now I have a 54" on Dad's C-161 and a 42" on the 606 rat. Both have bar tires. The 161 has fluid and inside and outside wheel weights. The 606 has fluid, inside wheel weights, and 5 - 10 lb mini suit case weights under the seat. Unfortunately we only had about 3" of wet snow last year so they haven't had much of a test. As a side note, Dad used the 42" on his 161 when he was still living and he had bar tires, no fluid/weight, and chains. His driveway was gravel and the chains seemed to work better on the gravel.
  3. I don’t believe WH made one. I have one of the Brinly’s and It does a nice job on my gravel driveway. It’s not heavy duty like a large tractor blade but works fine for light duty jobs.
  4. cschannuth

    Vintage Trucks

    Thanks, Eric
  5. cschannuth

    Vintage Trucks

    I love all the pics of the great machines you guys have. Mine aren't really that old but I love trucks and have owned all the major brands over the years. I guess I'm a Ford guy but I've always wanted a Jeep and International pick up. The first one below is a '94 F250 that's been retired to a parade queen. My wife found this for sale near where she worked when it was about a year old and she actually told me about it because she liked the looks of it. I'm a manual transmission guy and this is an auto but we looked at it and drove it and liked it. It has the big block in it so it runs pretty good. I've always been lucky enough to have a company truck for work so it didn't rack up too many miles. It has just over 90k on it and it is all original except for tires and one set of new brakes. It was used to tow our camper and for wood cutting on the weekends. The second is an '83 Ranger my son bought off Fleabay a few years ago. It belonged to a gentleman who bought it new. He was older and his health didn't allow him to drive it any longer. He lived in Arkansas and I guess they don't use salt so it was rust free except for the surface rust it has from sitting under a tree for the last few years. My son wanted something nicer so I bought it from him and put the tires and wheels on it I had in the garage not being used. It's a V-6 (I have a 5.0 I plan to swap in it someday) with a 4 speed and the AC still works. It's fun and folks get a kick out of it when they see us running around in it.
  6. cschannuth

    lawn ranger

    Nice Ranger. Both my sons go about 6'5" and about 240 lbs and their favorite tractor to drive is the little Lawn Ranger. It's my favorite too.
  7. cschannuth

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I think I finally have all of my leaks fixed and my PTO adjusted so I got a load of rock and did some spreading over some muddy patches in the driveway. I’m really surprised how well this thing pushes and lifts when scooping rock from the pile. What I thought would be nothing more than a toy is actually a pretty good little worker.
  8. cschannuth

    520 PTO Engagement

    The trunnion on the PTO rod was just adjusted out too far. I screwed it in about a quarter inch and all is good.
  9. cschannuth

    520 PTO Engagement

    This is probably an easy one but I haven't had a chance to mess with it so I thought I'd ask the experts and hope the answer will help others. I finished up the FEL for my 520 a while back and I think I have the hydraulic leaks sealed up. I've noticed that once in a while my PTO disengages on its own. I'm assuming I need to adjust the engagement lever rod but I'm not sure without fiddling with it. I hope to mess with it later this week but in the mean time, if anybody can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.
  10. cschannuth

    I Just Had to Have One

    Nice find. Did the the early 60's Cubs have rear fenders? I feel like I've seen round fenders on older models but maybe I'm dreaming that up. I love the Cubs btw. When I was a kid I mowed for an older couple that had a large hydro Cub. I thought I was pretty hot stuff driving that big (compared to me) tractor.
  11. cschannuth


    Jim's quality is top notch and his prices are reasonable for what you get.
  12. cschannuth


    What a great thing. Please add me to the list if I'm eligible. I'd like one even if I'm not and would like to purchase one. Thanks again!
  13. cschannuth

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Looks great but I guess you know this means we won't have any measurable snow again this year. I've been wanting to push snow for the past few years...LOL.
  14. I like it too. Dad bought this tractor used from a neighbor when it was a couple years old and the original was already broken. He was a nut for keeping things nice so he swapped it out as soon as he got it.
  15. cschannuth

    FEL Build for 520

    Did you get the information I sent you?