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  1. cschannuth

    I Just Had to Have One

    Nice find. Did the the early 60's Cubs have rear fenders? I feel like I've seen round fenders on older models but maybe I'm dreaming that up. I love the Cubs btw. When I was a kid I mowed for an older couple that had a large hydro Cub. I thought I was pretty hot stuff driving that big (compared to me) tractor.
  2. cschannuth


    Jim's quality is top notch and his prices are reasonable for what you get.
  3. cschannuth


    What a great thing. Please add me to the list if I'm eligible. I'd like one even if I'm not and would like to purchase one. Thanks again!
  4. cschannuth

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Looks great but I guess you know this means we won't have any measurable snow again this year. I've been wanting to push snow for the past few years...LOL.
  5. I like it too. Dad bought this tractor used from a neighbor when it was a couple years old and the original was already broken. He was a nut for keeping things nice so he swapped it out as soon as he got it.
  6. cschannuth

    FEL Build for 520

    Did you get the information I sent you?
  7. You’re going to love that twin Briggs. They have tons of power and are bullet proof in my experience. Here’s my dad’s that I have now. All he did to it was regular maintenance and some rattle can from time to time to protect the metal. He replaced the seat pan with metal almost 40 years ago. I’ve painted the wheels, replaced the tires, and added WH wheel weights since these pics were taken a couple years ago but other than that it’s just like dad used it for about 3 decades. It sat in his basement after he passed away for almost 10 years until I pulled it out and got it running again.
  8. cschannuth

    Front end loader

    I really enjoyed building the loader. The PF plans were very helpful but not perfect since they are designed for a Cub Cadet. The subframe, pump mount, and tower brace connection points needed to be modified from the plans.
  9. cschannuth

    Place for "stuff" (?)

    I built this for spraying but I don’t know why the platform couldn’t be modified with an extra wing that would come forward next to you to give your pup a nice spot to hang out. I just slide it into a receiver hitch I installed on the tractor. Yours wouldn’t need to be nearly that high. I built mine to accommodate the spray angle that I wanted.
  10. cschannuth

    RV Questions for national parks

    Unless you’re planning to camp multiple times per year I would definitely rent until you’re sure what you like and what you want. Older RVs are definitely less expensive but the quality is so poor that they do not stand up very well. Especially if they are stored outside. In addition, the appliances and heat/AC units are very, very expensive to repair and/or replace. If you have time, rent a tow behind and a drivable and see which you prefer. An advantage to owning your own unit is once you have them stocked with your normal supplies, getting away is very easy. Just pack up a few clean clothes and the food you want and you’re off.
  11. cschannuth

    How much weight is too much

    Methanol antifreeze works great. It actually protects the wheels and tires. I put it in my '97 520 when it was new and they looked like new inside 20 years later.
  12. cschannuth

    Churchville (VA) Fall Festival

    @WVHillbilly520H thanks for including me. That's a little nicer than my Ranger. I love all the rides...
  13. cschannuth

    Any recommendations

    We were down there about 20 years ago for a few days and really enjoyed a swamp tour. We also liked the cemetery tour. The benets' (french donuts?) at Cafe Dumond are really good too.
  14. cschannuth

    Front End Friday