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  1. I'm bolting mine in the factory holes but the 8hp starter is much lower on the block. So I'm gunna make a toolbox under the battery and move the battery over top of the steering. Im putting this tractor together with parts that I have from other tractors. I'm in the process of making the center section between the dash and rear fender pan.
  2. I'm doing the same build but using a 657 with an 8speed. Not sure about a motor yet because I have an 8hp kohler but it won't fit because of the location of the starter and battery.
  3. Joe656

    Gt1100 charging

    Thanks for the help much appreciated.
  4. Joe656

    Gt1100 charging

    Hi there I have a 1984 gt1100 with an 11hp Briggs and Stratton. When I got it the wiring harness was all cut up. I found diagrams to rewire it but can't find what size diode I need for the D.C. Side of the charging circuit.