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  1. Ohwheelhorse

    H60 motor

    I have two lawn rangers for sale both with h60 motors. And I live about 45 minutes from Cleveland. Get in touch with me. They are both in the classifieds section under "selling my horses"
  2. Ohwheelhorse

    Selling my lawn rangers

    Don't really want to sell but don't have time. 66' L156 = $400 63'? 33E=$150(non running) 66' L156 33E Must pick up unless you are local then maybe we can work something out.
  3. Ohwheelhorse

    David Bradley suburban

    Hope the horse play nice with there new friend
  4. Ohwheelhorse

    David Bradley suburban

    No it doesn't run. Thank you for the information and your help. Glad I picked it up then.
  5. Ohwheelhorse

    David Bradley suburban

    I just put my reservation on this thing tonight to come back with the cash and ramps. I've never seen one before. Can anyone tell me how common theses are and maybe how desirable they are. I can't find a whole lot on them. Best I can tell right now it's a 59'. For the price I hate to pass it up. It's got some really neat features.
  6. Ohwheelhorse

    My new RJ

    Let me find or make a new one then we'll talk
  7. Ohwheelhorse

    Rosie and her new friend!

    I don't have kids but it makes me happy to see a younger generation enjoying history wether they realize it or not. Keep up the good work.
  8. Ohwheelhorse

    My new RJ

    heck I'd give the shifter away
  9. Ohwheelhorse

    My new RJ

    Thanks guys. Only thing that bugs me is the dice shifter. And the plastic gas tank a little. The shifter is an easy fix though and I'll keep an eye out for an original tank
  10. Ohwheelhorse

    My new RJ

    Went today found a Rj on Craigslist only 55 miles away. As soon as I seen it I acted. He said he got all kinds of calls after but he was a standup guy and held it for me for a few days. Starts runs purrs like a kitten. It's not perfect not all correct but it's still nice. This one is ready enough for the shows for me right now. some me day I will figure out how to get these pictures right side up
  11. Ohwheelhorse

    Exhaust port

    It looks like someone has already unsuccessfully tapped it
  12. Ohwheelhorse

    Exhaust port

    Picked up a 854 with a 8 hp Kohler. I got it home and bumped in the muffler and it fell off. Someone had JB welded it to the block. The threads were shot. Is there any fix to this besides a new block? I don't want to put money into this motor If it's not fixable.
  13. Ohwheelhorse

    Finally starting on one

    No I realize that. That won't be a hard fix. Be in the vary near future.
  14. Today I just scored a motorcycle lift. I've been watching Craigslist for one. I wanted one of these to make working on and restoring my horses much easier. This is the 854 I picked up a month ago. Wanna bring it back to life.
  15. Some time in the next month I will be making a trip up to North central Michigan with a empty truck and trailer and returning with a empty truck. Let me know if anyone needs a hand getting a horse or implement to or from.