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  1. new horse

    Happy Birthday new horse

    thanks to all for the Birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to nicer weather, hopefully SOON! I have a bunch of plans for the 520H, and I think I'm going to restore my old Sears Craftsman GT 18/44. I'm going to start building a new model RR layout soon, I spent most of the winter assembling new buildings and things for the layout.
  2. new horse

    48" SD mower deck 78361

    I'm also located in IL, on the eastern border, 10 miles from Indiana, would you be willing to meet half way? Do you have any Wheel Horse hub caps??, my 520 came with a 44inch deck that just doesn't cut/work right, I did not know what I was buying when I bought the tractor. thanks curt
  3. new horse

    48" SD mower deck 78361

    is this from the 520 your parting out?? (I looking for a 48 deck for my 520) where are you located?
  4. new horse

    48" SD mower deck 78361

    is your 48inch deck still available??
  5. new horse

    FINALLY....The Holy Grail....I got a 520!

    I love mine, its like driving an Imperial compared to my old tractor which is like driving a Pinto
  6. new horse

    520 issue's

    thanks for the advice guys, a new Volt gauge took care of my charging problem!!!! I believe its okay .............................
  7. new horse

    520 issue's

    help guys, I need advice, I put a NEW regulator/rectifier on my 520 but it's NOT charging the battery, yet it peg's the charging gauge to the + side as soon as you turn the key to the on position without even starting it, I've checked all three fuses, they are good, the terminals inside the fuse holders are clean, battery term's are clean and tight. just not sure where to look next. any advice is really appreciated.
  8. new horse

    Spray gun setup.

    boy does that setup bring back memories!!! (I was a machine tool painter for over 20yrs at Kearney & Trecker Corp, then Giddings & Lewis) also painted many cars and trucks with that exact gun and pot, I still have it and use it
  9. new horse

    Best Mouse nest in awhile....

    I keep all my different bird feeds in covered 5 gall. buckets, you can usually get them at Lowes w/cover for a couple of bucks ea. No problem keepin bird seed in my attached garage.
  10. new horse

    New member from Indiana

  11. new horse

    520-H with 48" deck

    is it still available?? thanks curt
  12. new horse


    do you still have this tractor for sale????
  13. new horse


    I could be interested, where are you located??
  14. new horse

    48 inch mower deck

    great, if you could measure the blades,then we'll set it up, and figure out how/when i can get there or meet you to get it.
  15. new horse

    48 inch mower deck

    could you measure the blades on it? is it missing the anti scalp wheel on the right front? how fast do you need it gone??