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  1. Professor1990

    Very glad to see Glen Pettit Back on Red Square !

    Welcome back Glen
  2. Professor1990

    Happy Birthday Racinbob

    Happy Birthday Bob hope it was a wonderful day
  3. Professor1990

    Restoration of Ray's C141

    No I actually haven't looked real hard yet, I know pretty well everything from the battery box and below is pretty well rusted away...the fenders to this tractor are here, just currently residing on my C125, stuck them on there to see if I liked the looks of the metal fender pan on the black hood and just haven't gotten around to switching them back out yet. I will try to get over to the shop this weekend and get a better look at what pieces are rusted out beyond repair
  4. Professor1990

    Gateway to Heaven

    Beautiful cabin...and beautiful view too
  5. Professor1990

    C-125 Rejuvenation.

    Looking good...my C125 needs some attention too, though I doubt it will get the kind of attention that yours is getting. My C141 is another story though, as of today I think every bolt on the tractor has been removed lol
  6. Professor1990

    Restoration of Ray's C141

    So far nothing besides a few froze up bearings, both outer axle bearings were frozen, one of them came out in pieces, and both 1533s are locked up, but other than that everything seems to be in pretty good shape, considering where this things been
  7. I think like the others have said, it all depends on what particular model speaks to you the most. My favorite out of my herd right now happens to be my C141 that's getting a complete restoration, more for sentimental reasons than anything else. The 70s models B/C series are simple to work on and parts are relatively easy to find compared to the some. The early 80s B/C series (BlackHoods) are nice tractors, I love my C125 for a worker, but they dont seem to be as sought after as the others. They're one of those models you either love them or you hate them. A lot of people also like the early 60s round hoods as well, I've got one I'm fixing up as a very mildly modified show and parade cruiser. They are a bit smaller than their later counterparts though, so if you're a big guy like me might be something to think about. However all that being said my favorite style of WH tractor was that of the late 60s long frames, like my 1277. Theres just something about that grille, combined with the view looking down that long hood and listening to that big Kohler while mowing that just brings a smile to my face
  8. Professor1990

    Restoration of Ray's C141

    Definitely put that new workbench to use today, must admit I was a little nervous about opening her up, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected
  9. Professor1990

    Restoration of Ray's C141

    Finally got the hub off (even using the other hub as a puller it still broke) so wound up cutting it off. Got the transmission opened up today...lots of rust and crud from sitting full of water for so long. But so far I think with a lot of cleaning and a few new bearings it can be saved
  10. Professor1990

    C125 engine

    You will absolutely love that tractor, I bought an 81 C125 a little over a year ago, it quickly became my number one go to tractor for just about anything. That old K301 is a beast, and when paired with the 8 speed will take anything you can throw at it and come back asking for more
  11. Professor1990

    Holiday Traditions

    That's where I'll be...in the shop or in the tow truck...hopefully the shop
  12. Professor1990


    My nephew goes straight for the C125 any time I have brother come and help me with a project at the shop
  13. Professor1990

    Holiday Traditions

    Me neither, I'd much rather fire up the grill and cook a hamburger or two, will probably spend the weekend working in my shop on some sort of project...not a fan of the traditional meal at all, nor am I a big fan of the large groups of people who come along with the big meal
  14. Professor1990

    Beautiful collection...hope y'all enjoy

    Had a 2n for a while, should have never sold that tractor