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  1. I can't imagine NOT paying my supporter dues to this site...with all the great people and wonderful knowledge we share here...I went a few months in the black due to budget constraints, I was happier than a kid in a candy store when I could finally be back among the red again
  2. Professor1990


    Cups look great...and what a great idea for the contest
  3. Professor1990

    Started on my 701 tonight

    The engine is just a little 3.75 HP Briggs off of an old gas powered air compressor. As far as the front end I'm really not sure yet, don't want to do anything to wild and crazy with it, I've always wanted to do a tricycle front, this one may be the one that gets it.
  4. Professor1990

    Started on my 701 tonight

    Been a while since I've got to do any work to this tractor, life sometimes gets in the way of things...did a little trading for an engine the other day...think I'm gonna mount it on here since this one is just gonna be a cruiser
  5. Professor1990

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    I have picked up a lot of things from our city dump, also known around here as the Country Store. One of my best scores was an old Montgomery Ward's riding mower...took it home out gas in and it ran like a champ...still using it to mow around the farm. This sign was my latest find...thought it was cool since my Grandpa started his working career with Northern Natural, then at Enron, then back to Northern before finally retiring from DCP Midstream. Soon it will be hanging on the wall in the shop.
  6. Professor1990

    My first horse! C-100

    These little tractors are harder to come by here than in some places, but they are around, half the fun here is the hunt for them, 4 of mine came from here locally, 1 of which I know was purchased brand new from a dealer here in Woodward, and the 5th one I purchased from Don and his son. I have a friend over in Claremore that collects these as well...maybe if enough Oklahoma collectors come out of the woodwork we can all get together for a small meet and greet one of these days
  7. Professor1990

    My first horse! C-100

    Welcome to RedSquare @Nat Faust. What part of Oklahoma are you in, I'm in Shattuck, up in the NW corner of the state, glad to see another Okie here. Looks like a great find for a first tractor, I still remember the day I brought my first one home, didn't take long for that one to multiply into 5. Maybe one of these days you me and @Daddy Don can all meet up somewhere to have lunch and discuss tractors...would be great to meet you and to see Don again
  8. Professor1990

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    @Lengerich8 you have definitely found the best place on the web for anything Wheel Horse related. Nice tractor you have there, good luck with whatever path you decide to go down with it. I'm attaching a picture of my Commando V8, note the vertical shaft Tecumseh engine.
  9. Professor1990

    much needed cleaning today

    Eric I think that's a short trip for the majority of us around here
  10. Professor1990

    Happy Birthday Deadguy

    Happy Birthday
  11. Professor1990

    much needed cleaning today

    This will give y'all some sort of idea as to what I started with today
  12. Professor1990

    much needed cleaning today

    That's the way this one was when I started...I didn't think about it or I would've taken some before pictures
  13. Ever since switching jobs back this summer I haven't had much time to work in my shop, and it had kinda become a place to just throw things and deal with them later. Took advantage of the rainy weather today (plus I've got heat in the shop and no heat in the RV) and did some major cleaning and reorganizing...getting things ready to finish the back wall and build my workbench so I can get back to work on Ray's C141 this winter
  14. Mostly just done for looks, however I was very pleased with the sound of mine when I put it on...guy I bought it from had attempted to make a stack...thing was just plain ugly and blew exhaust fumes right in the operators face. The one on it now is one I recycled off a friends Massey Ferguson 135
  15. Professor1990

    Need New Tires

    Where your main use is going to be mowing my recommendation would be a set of new Carlisle Turf-Savers all the way around. If you need any extra traction for snow removal later you can always use chains. You should be able to step up to the bigger 10.50s with no problem, I'm running Hi-Run 23x10.50-12 ag tires on the rear of my C125 with no problems. The fronts are Carlisles I ordered through the tire shop I work for...I wanted tri ribs but our supplier didn't have them in the size I need