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  1. That would work excellant how do i get 20.00 to you
  2. I recently picked up a very nice plow for my Comando 800. But the PO cut some of brackets off the frame, i can fabricate and weld i just need the dimensions and hole locations to restore it. It’s missing the tab the lift hooks to, the bracket the handle bolts to and the tab the triangle piece bolts too. any help would much appreciated
  3. Scottscj7

    5085 axles

    I guess it is not going to be a problem i just finished repainting wheels and had the AGs mounted and put on. I like the look and I can climb up down my hill without spinning a tire
  4. Scottscj7

    5085 axles

    I do have the correct hubs for the new wheels.i test fit the larger tires and thought it stuck out too far, which way did you mount the wheel offset to the inside or out
  5. Scottscj7

    5085 axles

    I have 72 commando 800 that i have owned for almost 20 years. I recently picked up a set of Wheel horse 12 inch rear rims and 8 inch front rims that would like to mount AGs on to replace the stock wheels, i know the axle shafts are longer on this model is there a set of axle shafts that can be swapped in that are shorter so the 12 inch rims will not stick out so far