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  1. i am a member of red square.How do i join your group?

    1. 55rj35jr


      Hello, Assuming your referring to the Buckeye Wheel Horse Collectors Club, we have a facebook page, also we will be having a meeting at the Ashland county swap meet on Saturday April 23 at the Ashland county vocational school on st rt 60, & we will be having our first meet & greet show on Sat May 7th (see flyer in show section)also some of the club members will be at the Sugarcreek, Ohio garden tractor show on Sat may 14th, at any of these locations we will be taking memberships cost first to join will be $10 then every renewal year $5 from there on. thanks for the interest hope to meet you some time. Mike Wall VP BWHCC Wooster, Oh.

  2. sledgehammer


    Thanks farmer,pleasure meeting you and the rest of the guys
  3. sledgehammer


    Just placed my order,waiting for confirmation email
  4. sledgehammer


    Thanks guys,i am learning quick.How do i become a supporter?
  5. sledgehammer


    i do not know how to even post the right way.This message came via email,that is why i did not see it until now.It looks good runs great,i changed the oil and rear end oil,i think it will be a good machine.I would like to maybe restore it a little at a time.I will need help from you guys,i do not know how to get it up to get under it,i guess put it up on some ramps,but i just need a hobby and i think this will work.I do not know if you saw my earlier post it would not go in gear when i pushed in the brake the gears just kept spinning,so i did not know what to do so i tightened the band and nothing but when i loosened it it went right in.Another guy on here said in 50 years he never heard of such a thing,so i went out tightened the band and it did the same thing,when i loosened it it worked i have not figured it out,i did it 3 more times and same thing.I mean it is fine now but i cant let it go until i figure it out.Thank you so much for your response.Maybe you can help me with how to post on this site?i am not a big computer guy,surprise.Thanks again
  6. sledgehammer


    thank you i am learning how to do this.I never did before.Can you tell me what is to much to pay for a 1973 8 horse 8 speed wheel horse in good condition,with extra frame wheels,and steering?Is 600 to much?
  7. thanks i am going out now and change oil.can you tell me why it shifts fine now that i loosened up brake band and dosent when tight?

    1. Retierd Wrencher

      Retierd Wrencher

      only thing I can think off is it turns  may be binding up.