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  1. whbush

    520H Wheel Horse

    How many hours and can you post more pics? Thank you.
  2. whbush

    60" Deck 520H

    60" deck off a 520H in great shape! Thanks
  3. whbush

    48" Deck for 520H

    markreeser@gmail.com thanks!
  4. whbush

    1990 Wheel Horse 520H Questions

    ericj, 6 520's!?!? Is that all? Would you want to sell me one? I'm up here in the Reading, PA area.
  5. whbush

    WTB: 48" deck for 520H

    Hi guys, Looking for a 48" deck to fit a 520H. Thanks.
  6. whbush

    60" Deck for 48"

    I am looking to trade a 60" deck from a 520H for a 48" deck. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I am looking at a 1990 Wheel Horse 520H and have a few questions about this year and model. 1) Does this have the pressurized oil system? I know there are problems with non-pressurized systems mowing on grades or hillside. 2) If I want to replace the 60" deck, do you also need to change the mule drive? I thought I have read it would need to be changed with a different size deck. 3) Has anyone heard of the hour meter ticking while the tractor is parked? I was told it has high hours because the ignition was left on. Any additional information on this model and year is helpful. The tractor is built like a tank. I am more so worried about the 20HP Onan and Hydro. Thanks!
  8. This is a heavy duty plow off my Wheel Horse 315-8 Classic GT. It is in good condition and comes with all hardware and power angle. Please call or email me directly. Thank you!
  9. Sold to whrj58 - Bill Jenkins from Pottstown, PA. A great guy to do business with! 2007 Wheel Horse 60th Anniversary Classic GT 315-8 With 42" mower deck, 42" plow, and snow chains 359 Hours Excellent running condition and very clean I just inspected the air filter, spark plug, fuel filter, oil filter, and oil Also included: extra oil filter, extra fuel filter, extra air filter, side discharge chute and PTO belt cover I will sell the plow separately I can post additional pictures. Thank you for looking!
  10. Rmaynard - that's a good point. The 50th anniversary editions I see are 2006. This 60th anniversary is for sure a 2007. It may be semantics as the way they sell cars a model year ahead.
  11. Really? Lots of conflicting views on value. But as we all know, it's worth what you pay and the seller lets it go for. dcrage - what is the difference between the wagons? I'll check it out.
  12. So you guys say between 500 and 1000 is a fair price?
  13. Thanks for the replies. I found out it has 359 hours.
  14. Guys, I found this WH near my house and am interested in your opinion - how much is it worth and what type of market exists for the 60th Anniversary Classic GT? I grew up with a WH and would love to continue the tradition. This is a 2007 (checking on hours, if there's a meter). The gentleman selling it bought it new from the dealer and used it to mow grass and plow light snow. It comes with a 42" mower deck, WH wagon, WH plow blade, and chains. Thanks!