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    1962 753 with deck 3 gang mowers and a brinly plow grass mower is a cub cadet

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    farmall 706 deisel
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  1. 1962wheelhorse753

    Mower deck

    Your blades are probably the wrong length.
  2. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    OK thank you that 7hp kohler runs great just electrical isssues wil tell you if I have any more issues
  3. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    Thank you so much I still have two more questions. One how could i test the volt meter and two could this happen agin if it is wired correctly with a working amp meter.
  4. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    Yes there is a terminal on the bottom. Sorry it has beem painted white by previous owner. I will fix everything eventualy
  5. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    I think the regulator is original once I rewire it again I will file down the contacts. Should I wire in a fuse tho to be safe. Im a newby to electrical but I can fix the mechanical issues
  6. 1962wheelhorse753

    Kohler starter motor issues

    I had this prroblem on my grandpas Commando 800 we took the starter off and cleaned and it went right back to wotking like they said. Just be sure to wacth the gear mesh.
  7. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    The amp meter is original and also my wiring diagram for the 753 looks nothing like that. Wonder what it could be I have seen a few different diagrams. I guess thats just the joys of the tractors. Tanks for the help but im still dumbfounded
  8. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    This middle wire burns first and the wires from the amp meter. Also this one on the back. I think this is where it goes.
  9. 1962wheelhorse753

    Big Elecrical Issue

    I have a 1963 753 with the k161 kholer and my wiring has burnt twice. The first time had the voltage regulator cover off and I saw the contacts stick together then all wiring was melted. I have since then rewired it and the same thing happened again. I have looked in my manuals at the wiring diagram and I have done it correctly. My question is could I put in like an inline fuse or does anyone know the solution to this or has anyone had this problem.
  10. 1962wheelhorse753

    What Year Was the 753 made in?

    O thats nice Thx
  11. 1962wheelhorse753

    What Year Was the 753 made in?

    I have a 753 with the k161 engine and I think it is a 1962 but is it made In 1963 instaed because that is the only year I can find other 753s.
  12. 1962wheelhorse753

    Kohler 7hp

    COOL, an old garden tractor is only as good as its engine.
  13. 1962wheelhorse753

    Kohler 7hp

    I need a new swicth for it it messed up along with the starter generator but i got that fixed does anyone kow where to get a push button swicth for a 1962 753
  14. 1962wheelhorse753

    SOLD. Wheel Horse 12" & 8" Chrome Wheel Covers

    will you take 50 fro one set of rear covers so 2 covers
  15. 1962wheelhorse753

    Kohler 7hp

    What does everyone think about the 7hp Kohler that was an smaller models like the 753. And is the 753 rare