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  1. stevieb

    D200 18 Automatic electric pto clutch?

    Thanks Pete You were right, repairing the manual clutch was the way to go (and more original that fitting and electric one), A local engineer was able to make me the parts needed to repair the PTO clutch The Beast is back
  2. Hi I managed to get the clutch re-built. Someone local built some unavailable parts and managed to manufacture some clutch linings I think the thin rings that Sarge mentions were part of the problem (what I would call thrust washers). Anyway I think the mower will be in action again early next week Thanks for all your suggestions
  3. Thanks for the info on the electric PTO option it seems to be the most feasible option (but expensive), maybe I can find a good used one. On the original Manual PTO front, in 2011 the clutch bearing disintegrated, I sourced the parts and rebuilt it (I had to re-use the thin rings that Sarge mentions above) It worked for a while but the pulley never really engaged properly and the clutch would slip with a heavy load. Now it needs a new rebuild and parts are becoming scarcer. I agree that it would be more original to rebuild but, unless I get some parts made, I doubt it would be possible.
  4. stevieb

    New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Gazza No probs, once I get her back Steve
  5. stevieb

    New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Hi Gazza Wow, you are close It is at Twyford Mowers at the moment I spoke to them today, they are trying to get a part made for the PTo clutch Steve
  6. stevieb

    D200 18 Automatic electric pto clutch?

    Having trouble sourcing the parts to rebuild the manual PTO.
  7. stevieb

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    I use her for grass cutting (3 1/2 acres) I have PTO clutch problems at the moment If/when I get the PTO sorted I will post some of the beast at work
  8. stevieb

    D200 18 Automatic electric pto clutch?

    Hi Did you manage to find an electric pto clutch for your D200 I am looking for one myself Any advice?
  9. Hi I have a 1978 D200 wheelhorse powered by a Kohler twin cylinder engine It is used for grass cutting and has a 48inch cutting deck The manual PTO clutch is shot and I would like to fit an electric one Any ideas where to source a suitable one? Thanks Steve
  10. stevieb

    New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Hi A few pics of the Beast in Berkshire
  11. stevieb

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    Hi I am not a regular visitor here. But I have had a D-200 since 1995 here in Berkshire. I had it out in the sunshine today (but rather cold) A couple of pics attached
  12. stevieb

    D 200

    A monstret project indeed, but the rewards are great. I have a D-200 here (in the UK) where I have used it for cutting grass since 1995. Sourcing parts has been challenging A few years ago the PTO clutch seized, eventually I got the parts and re-assembled it. But it never quite recovered and if my local mower shop cant fix it, I guess I will have to sell it on to someone with better mechanical skills. Shame as you get attached to the BEAST. A few pics for you to enjoy
  13. stevieb

    New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Hi Gazza Nice restoration Gary - looks like new I live near Twyford (between Reading and Maidenhead) My D-200 wheelhorse (and its 42-inch deck) is sadly sitting in the garage and in need of TLC. I had some issues a couple of years ago when the PTO clutch seized (bearing disintegrated). I managed to find parts and re-assemble it. Since then however I have never got the geometry right to re-engage the clutch fully. So the lawn is now cut by another ride-on but I do miss the riding around on the wheelhorse. Steve
  14. Hi I am from reading Berkshire. I own a fully restored B111 with a new 36in deck. I show each year at great Dorset steam fair.

  15. stevieb

    New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Hi I am new to this site I also live in Berkshire UK and have a D-200 with cutting deck in my garage (I will get round to registering it and posting pics one day) I have owned it for about 20 years but I am thinking of selling it.soon I have managed to obtain spares, but not always easy My biggest challenge to date was sourcing parts for rebuilding the PTO clutch Pearsons Mailorder stock (and can obtain) Wheelhorse spares (watering.co.uk, email at anyname@watering.co.uk) they even have an online enquiry form for wheel horse parts https://www.watering.co.uk/services/toro-and-wheel-horse-spares-enquiry-form.html but you need to know the part numbers first. I find the following sites useful for identifying part numbers: https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/index.cfm?xCaller=Toro (where 01-20KS00 is the D-200) also http://torotractorspares.co.uk/part-lists/ Hope this helps