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  1. gattonde

    Wanted xi 2 stage snow blower

    XI not city (typo)
  2. gattonde

    Wanted xi 2 stage snow blower

    Looking for a city 2 stage snow blower. I have a single stage but moving to northern pa and preparing for deeper snow. Must be within driving distance from southern NJ or northeastern pa.
  3. gattonde

    Husqvarna wheel weights

    Just wondering if the bolts patternis the same
  4. gattonde

    Husqvarna wheel weights

    Will husquavarna wheel weights fit my 523dxi
  5. Will Husqvarna wheel weights fit on my 523dxi
  6. gattonde

    PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    Do you have any wheel weights
  7. gattonde

    Wheel Weights, John Deere, 50lbs, Plastic Filled

    How much are you asking for wheel weights reply to gattonde@comcast.net
  8. gattonde

    Wheel weights

    Looking for wheel weights for my 5xi
  9. Thanks for info Lynnmor
  10. While using my Two Stage Blower, the drive chain tension bracket fell off and was lost in the snow. I cannot find a source to purchase a replacement for this bracket. Can someone who has this blower please provide me measurements so I can make one. Thanks, Dan
  11. gattonde

    Points and Condenser P/N for C195

    Not getting any spark and points are shot. What is the part number and source for Points and condenser on my C195. I can't seem to find any place with a resonable price. Thanks, Dan
  12. If you are counting names to get an idea of how many are looking to purchase and not going to the show, then please count me in. Thanks, Dan
  13. gattonde

    Tractors Available

    I am sure that everyone on this site would be more then happy to make an offer for one of these tractors if they would become available.
  14. gattonde

    c 195 attachments

    I have connected the D Series Tiller on mine with no problem. You will need the hard to find PTO set up for the tiller. Dan
  15. gattonde

    News about Stevasuarus

    Just received an E-Mail from Steve, he is doing well and they are working him out in therapy, he hopes to be home by next weekend. Dan