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  1. What is this drill used for. There is a piece that screws out of the handle that is used to advance the drill bit. It ratchets like a ratchet wrench and there are three detente to choose from that you can see in the picture to select from to position the drill. There is a point on the opposite end of the drill that I'm guessing is used so you can push it up against something so the drill will cut. That is what the piece that screws out of the handle is for. I'm guessing it is used to drill holes in ceiling joists.
  2. moe1965

    Fuel pump on d160

    Sorry Trevor this will probably not be much help but I included pix just in case mounting could be of some help. Probably not because of different engine types.
  3. moe1965

    Fuel pump on d160

    Red wire is positive psi might be border line to much mine is below 4 psi. I'll send pix tomorrow evening for where I mounted it the tractor it is at my dad's house. You will have to make a plate to cover the existing pump mounting if you are getting rid of the existing mechanical pump
  4. moe1965

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Well here is the results. I used marvel mystery oil instead. I burned through about 4 gal of gas in the c141 mowing and riding around etc and I just backed it into the garage idled it down and backed her in at a very low idle and it didn't even think about sputtering or stalling. Let it run for about 5 min at a low idle and no issues. I hope it saved my problems. Still not not sold on the whole ring in a can thing and voodoo etc but I'm good for now. Thanks for all your input and experiences jk
  5. moe1965

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Thanks for all your comments. Not sure what I'm going to do yet I'll will keep you all informed.
  6. Had this happen to me.
  7. moe1965

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I have a c141 which runs real good but the low idle is a little rough. I have adjusted the low idle screw and it has little or no change while adjusting it. I'm sure it has a little dirt or some causing my issue and thought I would try seafoam to correct my issue so I wouldn't have to take the carb off and clean it. The tractor sat for about 3 years before I acquired it and I have ran about 3 tanks of fuel through it hoping it would clear it self out. Any one ever used seafoam? If so what are your thoughts. Im a little skepical on things in a can claming to cure all etc. lThanks
  8. moe1965

    How do you fix a gas tank? And my new purchase...

    Not sure on plastic tank repairs but red kote fixed a aluminum one I had. You pore it in the tank and slosh it around worked great. You could call the manufacture and ask them if it works in plastic.
  9. moe1965

    Plow scraper blade replaced

    The mounting holes that held the cutting edge I had to replace with a small piece I welded to the blade. I will be drilling holes to attach the cutting edge. I'm using a piece that is 3/8 thick it should last me my life time I hope
  10. moe1965

    Plow scraper blade replaced

    Mine measured 11 in. Center to center
  11. moe1965

    Plow scraper blade replaced

    Wow I thought I was the only one working on a snow blade this time of year. I'm doing the same thing with mine. Good idea using the jig saw to square the holes. P.o. took it past it's limit
  12. moe1965


    I'm not certain but I think boat fuel is ethanol free if you can get your hands on that
  13. moe1965

    C160H Crank no start

    After you set the points like 953nut saidclean the points. I open them up and insert a clean index card between them close the points and pull the card out.
  14. moe1965

    416H fuel pump 149-1982

    I put an eletric pump on my c141 not had any issues with this modle pump. If you go this rout just be sure the pump is not more then 2 lbs pressure. Here is the modle # of the one I got. I got 2 of them off eBay for 15.00 and change. Good luck.
  15. moe1965

    Starter spring

    Repair kits are available on eBay etc. They usually include the drive as well. Be sure to count the number of teeth on the drive if you are going to replace that as well. I would as long as you got it apart