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  1. Hi 953 nut. Thanks for your reply  I was hoping I wouldn't have to do a complete rebuild because there were missing parts from the fuel pump in my engine.  Just curious would you know what the intake and exhaust clearance should be my intake is .009 and the exhaust is .019

  2. Hello. Thanks for your response on my 8 horsepower Kohler I got the valve to free up I checked the clearance on the valve the intake is .009 and the exhaust is .019 any idea what the should be.   Thanks 

  3. moe1965

    8 hp kohler fuel pump

    I just took off the fuel pump and to me it looks like something's missing is there supposed to be a arm that sticks off the back of the pump and goes in the engine to actuate the pump
  4. moe1965

    8 horsepower Kohler

    I started working on the 854 today it has a 8 horsepower engine the exhaust valve is stuck open I thought I would just clean everything up the best I could and shoot a little bit of Aero Kroil oil in there and give her a few Taps now and then and see if it freeze up any suggestions
  5. moe1965

    Boosting Horses

    Now that's what I call Turbo Blue
  6. moe1965

    854 snow blade

    Thanks for info on the blade new2horses I have no use for it but I really don't want to just scrap it. Hope I can find someone who needs it
  7. moe1965

    854 snow blade

    Thanks WVhillbilly520H I have a blade for a long frame I think I'll convert so it will fit both of my tractors and get rid of the one currently on the 845.
  8. moe1965

    854 snow blade

    Is it possible to convert a long frame wheel horse plow to fit the short frame tractor
  9. moe1965

    854 snow blade

    I started working on my latest restoration project. I'm wondering if the snow blade is a wheel horse blade or is it something the P.O. made up it has a single round tube that goes all the way back to the trans and not a tubler frame I'm used to seeing on later models. There is a addition that the P.O. added I'm guessing for more stability on top or the blade that is in the front of the tractor front frame to prevent the blade from shifting from side to side while under a load. The rest of the blade looks factory that moves the blade left and right and locks into position. Thanks in advance. Moe
  10. moe1965

    Bought a 854 today

    I have a few other pieces of literature if he wants it to scan. Not sure what a wheel o matic is
  11. moe1965

    Bought a 854 today

    This was in the bag of goodies I got thought I would share it with you all.you will have to expand it to read it unless you have really good eyes.
  12. moe1965

    Bought a 854 today

    No just want to restore it but not sure if I want to repaint or just sand it down and clear coat it for that old nostalgic lock
  13. moe1965

    Bought a 854 today

    I found this tractor today that was a traid in at a local mower shop I know nothing about this modle other than it caught my eye. One owner and i have all the original literature that came with it. It has a few implements that come with it. I think the plow blade has been modified and I'm not sure if the seat is original. It runs and has a few extra parts with it. I got it for 300.00 hope I didn't pay to much for it. Your thoughts?
  14. I use egg containers for small nuts and bolts
  15. moe1965

    1267 ate a drive belt. Help with reasons?

    Just a thought I had a idler pulley lock up on me before could cause belt to get warm