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  1. When I was doing my restoration 2 years ago I read through hundreds of threads here ( back before I even joined red square). They helped me through it all and some gave me ideas on how to improve things and they never knew it.. so I keep in mind, that sometime down the road, even something as simple as this may help someone else out.
  2. Yup! Well, I used it to cut up the new muffler to make it easier to separate the face and body. See, the backside of the muffler just didn't give me any room to pry it up. How 'bout that blue screw driver? I see a muffler shop/art studio in my future! So I cut it just behind the joint on the body to give me the angle to get at it. I actually wound up cutting the left over 'ring' out. Then carefully pried that lip up with some pliers to put the cone back part in.
  3. It's a spanner for the angle grinder. For any type of wheel that's not threaded itself. Like cutoff wheels or grinding wheels. Just saw what @CasualObserver said. You are exactly right. I have a handful of them from the grinders I've broke over the years. @oliver2-44 I've been waiting for someone to make/reproduce one. I'll get some measurements as soon as I have a chance.
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    I know this now! But at the time I was really new to the wheel horse thing and just didn't know about... well anything. I won't miss out the next time I go visit grandma, though😂!! Guaranteed!
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    Well I'm a little embarrassed, but if anyone will understand it's you guys. I drove from west Texas to Albany, NY. And it wasn't even for a tractor... it was for a dump cart, and a pile of one at that. Just over 4,000 miles round trip. I was able to see my grandmother on the way but I'd like that to stay between us. For some bizarre reason my family thinks that I drove all that way to see my grandma and that I found the dump cart along the way. Not sure how that happened! The good news is that I got it for $50. And my restoration turned out pretty good too. I wound up using a bed liner for the inside that I tinted with my red base, powder coated the wheels and got a new knob.. done! Nothin better than shiny red toys!
  6. john7

    5003 gaskets

    I got the wheel horse put back together and mounted the mower deck this evening with one little change.. I restored the shower head muffler that was originally on it and put it back on! It just gives it a completed look! Anyhow, I suppose it's time to wrap this thread up. What better way than with a bunch of pictures and some videos?!! Pulled it out for my annual pre mower mounting photo ritual.. And a couple closeups of the muffler!! And here it is! Completely restored and unused with a completely restored and unused rmr-32! For the last 12 months I've been wondering if I would ever be able to bring myself to use the wheel horse again. I actually started looking for another one to mow with and figured I'd just put this one in a vacuum bubble forever and just look at it while I enjoyed a beer on a nice summer day. I put so much time and effort into it, not to mention $$$. Yeah, that didn't happen. I couldn't even save the mowing for the weekend. 2 seconds after that picture was taken I was a lawn mowin' fool with a grin from ear to ear! Anyhow, this is right after I mowed. It's not the same, but it was worth it... and will be worth it every weekend this summer!! Here is a walk-around.. And here is one of me mowing for the first time since the transmission took a dump on me last May.. almost a year without using it! I want to appologize in advance for the terrible camera skills.. I was way too excited! Well there it is. Thanks to all of you who followed me through this and helped me get the transmission back into good shape! I'm glad there is a place to come for advice on these old tractors!
  7. I thought about pulling some wool packing out of an old dirt bike muffler and stuffing it in there because I was worried about how much louder it would be... didn't do it, and it's loud as all get up. I dig it, but I'm sure my neighbors could stand to live without it! Here's some better pictures of it since I know how much you folks love them! The cruddy thing is that no one down here even knows what a wheel horse is so you guys are the only ones I can show it off to! Thanks for the likes!
  8. This is a fairly tiny project but I'm all jazzed up about it so I wanted to share it with those that'll appreciate it. I've been saving the original shower head muffler for the k90 on my RJ for 2 years now - since I did a full restoration. The front was just rusted to hell and the baffeling was long gone, but the back piece was in good condition. I've been saving it with the idea that one day I may be able to somehow get it back on the RJ. And that day is.... well not today, but tomorrow. Technically today, but chronologically it occured over a 2 day period. Here is the original I pulled off 2 years ago.. Here is the new one for reference.. As I got to looking at both the new and original mufflers it appeared that the diameter of where the face joins to the 'body' was relatively the same on both... a quick measurement confirmed my suspicions! And the holes on the face share a similar pattern.. not exact but not the perfect circle kind... I diced up the new muffler with the grinder and cleared the remaining material from the joint. I pulled the original apart.. Cut the baffle from the new one down to fit the one I'm making.. this is all my parts ready to be assembled This is just after assembling and hammering the lip of the new face back down. I made sure to hammer it down as flat as possible to reduce material loss from filing down and cleaning up the hammer marks... for the sake of integrity. This is after cleaning up the hammer marks.. Came out pretty slick.. I'm happy. Since I don't stock any silver/galvanizing magic muffler paint I went for flame proof matte black - the same as I had on the previous muffler and on the exhaust piping. This the finished product... before temp curing. And after curing and mounting! Don't mind the lack of steering wheel and rod. Now I'm trying to figure out whether or not it looks goofy with the 12 inch pipe instead of the stock 14.5..?? It looks like it needs to move forward a couple inches.. I like it away from the hood so that soot won't accumulate on my paint, but it just looks a little off.. anyway, hope you guys liked this quick little project!
  9. john7

    5003 gaskets

    Took the wheel horse down to my folks house over easter to give rides. I stopped and snapped a few photos on the way. A little taste of west texas.. And this may quite possibly be the first photo ever of a wheel horse posing for a photo with a pump jack! I'll post a video here shortly. I just can't figure out how to trim some of the garble out..
  10. john7

    5003 gaskets

    No problem. I'll get a video this weekend when the weather clears up. Thanks again for all the help from everyone!
  11. john7

    5003 gaskets

    Ok thanks steve. That's what the manual says to do too, but I wanted to get your opinion on it. And thanks, there's not much left to do to it anymore.. I need another carling kill switch.. broke the original about 2 months ago.. And I need a good set of the silvertown ag tires for the rear. I have a set of the firestone turf tires but they just don't look as cool as the ag lugs. And these carlisle ags that I have on it now look good but just not the right time period.. Off topic, but I saw what I think was 'mikesrj' on mywheelhorse.org and he had some kind of goodyears that looked just like the silvertowns... not sure if those came original or if it was just the silvertowns...
  12. john7

    5003 gaskets

    So after a week of watching paint dry I have finally wrapped this thing up! I'm pretty pleased with the paint job! I'm not sure if I'm the only one that has this issue but my wing ding thing that holds the lift cable to the slot hitch rubs on the transmission case wearing the paint off during it's operation. So I made up a small riser to fit the end of the cable sleeve that will keep it up just enough to keep my new paint job intact. Here's a closeup of what it looks like and how it eliminates contact between surfaces. Also, to save the new paint, I added 2 teflon washers between the wing ding thing and the slot hitch. Had to make up a new, longer, clevis pin to make room for the washers. I also repainted the slot hitch and the hubs: I repainted the brake drum and brake band as well but don't have any closeups. I do, however, have a couple pics of the blower housing that I repainted. After a little sanding and buffing it came out pretty slick. Here everything is... Assembled, buffed, and all that other jazz. My kind of rear end! Here's a video of me running it through the gears for the first time. Thing are slightly snug... just need to run it around the block and wear it all in. Unfortunately, it's raining so that will have to wait. The whole tractor has been completely restored for the second time and is untouched and unused.. I'm just not emotionally ready for the rain yet! Anyhow. I am certainly pleased with the way it all came out! Only one last question.. the manual calls for 90w gear oil. I'm using 80w-90.. I know this will be fine. But in the interest of prolonging the condition of these old gears should I go a bit heavier? Also, I've always put 3 pints in, but I read in another thread to use 1 quart... suggestions?
  13. john7

    5003 gaskets

    No biggie. Thanks for keeping me in mind! And thanks, so far I'm happy with how it's turning out. But I won't really know until I get some oil in it and take it for a lap or 2.
  14. john7

    5003 gaskets

    Finally, some color !!! The pictures make it look a bit orange, but I assure you it is deep deep red IH-50. Still VERY wet in these pics. As far as finished durability and appearance goes, I LOVE this paint. The biggest downside to it is that it takes 7 days to cure. *7 Days*!!! The trans came out beautiful, and since it's cast I won't do any color sanding and buffing. I did have a snafu with the blower housing, though. A fly landed right above the word Kohler. Other than the hood this is the most visible 5 square inch area on the whole tractor!! Murphy had to get one more over on me I guess.. I'll post some pics next week when I get it back on the RJ.. and let yall know how the trans is working out..
  15. john7

    5003 gaskets

    I bought a harbor freight cheapy because I had to do some grinding on the little 'claws' to get it to fit between the flywheel and the crank bearing plate. It still makes me EXTREMELY nervous.. I'm afraid I'm going to snap or crack the cast flywheel. Those thing get stuck on there pretty good. I soak it in a penatrant and tap it with a mallet while tightening the puller.