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  1. Bill D

    Air Compressor

    The motor has two starting capacitors and the machine came with a magnetic starter. I would love to have a large repulsion start motor, the only one I have is a 1/4 hp century. Neat motor though. I spoke to a tech from Pacific Air Compressors that it is a good idea to make sure the compressor runs enough to get hot and burn off any possible moisture accumulation in the pump, hence my reason for the 90-125 psi switch and smaller 60 gallon tank. I mainly run small air tools but am looking to purchase a small sandblaster cabinet to clean small parts. The unloader is a centrifical unloader and there is a line that goes from the unloader housing to the intake, not sure why, but I think it may be a breather for the crank case.
  2. Bill D

    Air Compressor

    That Wayne compressor in the picture looks exactly like the one I have. I am thinking replacing the old 80 vertical tank with a new 60 gallon horizontal tank. This would make for a less top heavy compressor that could be mounted on wheels and moved around my garage if needed. It would save me some time with regards to tank inspection and repair of the feet as they are rusted from sitting directly on concrete for the last 40 years or so. I plan to install a new pressure switch with a 125 psi cutoff and 90 psi cut in. I also plan change over to synthetic oil. Royal Purple makes synthetic compressor oil.
  3. Bill D

    What do you have for a workbench?

    I got my "new" benches several months ago. I bought them off a neighbor who is moving for $65. They are made from 1/4 steel plate, angle and "C" channel. They must must weigh over 400lbs each and are 42" H x 24" D x 48" L. I will have to post some pics when I get time. I spent two days cleaning and painting them. I used SEM black chassis paint to paint them. The paint cost $120 an gallon, but well worth the cost. I really wish I could have left them in the shop they came out of and bought the whole shop, a 40x40 block building.
  4. Bill D


    Wheel horse 416H that was converted into an eight speed. Onan engine with 627 Hours. PM with phone # and best time to call for more details. Need to sell to make room for other projects, and I am tired of working on it. Price is firm.
  5. Bill D

    Onan The Barbarian

    It turned out to just be the oil filter gasket.
  6. Bill D

    Air Compressor

    Well I got the air compressor home in three pieces. Initial inspection of the tank shows more rust than expected. I still have to remove the 2 large plugs to get a better look inside. I may spring for a new tank just to be on the safe side. Any thoughts on tank options? This thing is a monster. 5 HP, 1750 RPM AJAX motor with cast iron end bells. The motor alone must weight 150lbs. The pump probably weighs about the same.
  7. Bill D

    Air Compressor

    I am paying $250 for it. It hasn't had much use over the last 10 years or so. I plan to look in the tank with a scope to make sure it isn't badly rusted and dangerous once I get it home. The tank is dry and a mechanic I know used to rent the shop from the previous owner. I do know he serviced the compressor and drained the tank on a regular basis. Anyone here work on air compressors? I have been able to find very little online about this machine and would like some more info. Thanks. Bill
  8. Bill D

    Air Compressor

    I plan to buy an old Wayne Air compressor from my neighbor. The model number on the pump is 6228-SV, it has a 5 HP motor and 80 gallon tank. Does anyone here have one like this? Bill
  9. Bill D

    Onan The Barbarian

    Hi All, I started my P216 today and promptly sprung a massive oil leak from around oil filter area. I haven't taken the cover off the engine yet to see what went wrong. Anyone else have something like this happen to them? I am thinking about selling the whole tractor as I don't have the time to deal with it right now, and I have three other tractors anyways. Thanks for the the help. Bill
  10. Bill D

    416 H Parts

    Changed Price to $5 - $100
  11. Bill D

    416 H Parts

    Parting out my 1990 416 H. No luck selling it whole, don't like hydros. Transmission is sold (being used to save a 520). Selling the following: Lift cylinder and control valve with 3 of the four hoses. $100.00 Other parts as well, let me know what you need. Pictures upon request. I can ship any part I have if it will fit in a box from the post office.
  12. Bill D

    1990 416H

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. Bill D

    Plasma Cutter

    Selling my Hypertherm Powermax 600 Plasma Cutter. Lightly used machine. Can cut steel up to 7/8" thick. Pictures avaliable upon request. Pickup only.
  14. I am looking fo a new workbench for my garage. I would like to know/see what others are using. I have looked at everything from homemade benches to stainless steel kitchen tables from the local resturant supply store. Thanks. Bill
  15. I suspect most of us have modified our Wheel Horse's in some way or another. What is your favorite mod and why? I have installed 15 inch, 3 spoke, soft touch steering wheels on all my tractors along pedals from a late 80's eight speed on my GT 1642 as I like that style better than what it came with. I have also insalled LED light under the floor boards of my primary mower in case is starts to get dark as I am finishing the lawn. Bill