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  1. Bill D

    416 H Parts

    Changed Price to $5 - $100
  2. Bill D

    416 H Parts

    Parting out my 1990 416 H. No luck selling it whole, don't like hydros. Transmission is sold (being used to save a 520). Selling the following: Lift cylinder and control valve with 3 of the four hoses. $100.00 Other parts as well, let me know what you need. Pictures upon request. I can ship any part I have if it will fit in a box from the post office.
  3. Bill D

    1990 416H

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Bill D

    Plasma Cutter

    Selling my Hypertherm Powermax 600 Plasma Cutter. Lightly used machine. Can cut steel up to 7/8" thick. Pictures avaliable upon request. Pickup only.
  5. I am looking fo a new workbench for my garage. I would like to know/see what others are using. I have looked at everything from homemade benches to stainless steel kitchen tables from the local resturant supply store. Thanks. Bill
  6. I suspect most of us have modified our Wheel Horse's in some way or another. What is your favorite mod and why? I have installed 15 inch, 3 spoke, soft touch steering wheels on all my tractors along pedals from a late 80's eight speed on my GT 1642 as I like that style better than what it came with. I have also insalled LED light under the floor boards of my primary mower in case is starts to get dark as I am finishing the lawn. Bill
  7. Bill D

    Onan P Series Governor Ball Replacement Procedure.

    Is anyone reverse engineering these flyball spacers. Since Onan doesn't offer these new, how much longer before the supply runs out? I have a neighbor that could make some for me using one I have as a template. Would there be any intrest? Bill
  8. Bill D

    Rebuild or go new

    There is a guy selling a 314-8 on the Hudson Valley Craigslist for $350. Search Wheelhorse as one word to find it. Nice looking machine in the picture. It could supply you with a good motor and spare parts! Bill
  9. Bill D

    pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    Make sure somthing isn't trying to kill the engine at random. Isolate the kill wire from the magneto and see how it runs. Be careful not to damage the charging system rectifer. If you need help let me know. Bill
  10. I was able to repair mine using a tine from a metal leaf rake. If your old one is still intact, take measurements of the total length and location of the full and empty lines, then carefully uncrimp the handle while you straighten it enough to release the dipstick. Insert the rake tine into the handle and carefully crimp and bend it back into shape. Mark it with an electric engraver and you will be good for another 30 years. I got a rake at a yardsale for $2 that gave me enough material to repair several dipsticks.
  11. Bill D

    518 Running odd

    Sounds like you have the usual Onan governor problem. My P216 has the same problem. I haven't fixed it yet as it is not my main working tractor, and I have been trying to sell it anyway as I want to stay away from hydros. The My Tractor Forum has thread titled Onan Governor Flyball Spacer Fix that explains how to fix this problem. Talk to Boomer before you try it fix it as the thread does have some mistakes in it. Boomer is a wealth of info and should be able to supply you with the necessary parts to fix your engine. Please post a picture of the engine ID tag as it does have information that will be needed to diagnose and obtain parts. Please take pictures of the reapir and post them when you fix the engine. Good luck. Bill
  12. Bill D

    1990 416H

    1990 - 416 H 627 Hours. Ugly but runs well. Strong Hydro. Many new parts. Engine will most likely need governor work. Trade includes extra filters, seal for motion control shaft and metal flyball spacer for governor. Trades for good running Briggs or Kohler Twins considered. Engines must be complete with PTO clutch and mounting plate. I have $500 in this tractor, other trades and offers of equal value considered. Thanks for looking. Bill
  13. Bill D

    418 A not charging....test procedure?

    If you are going to splice in a new plug be sure to use a quality high leverage cripmer and double crimp butt splices. Double crimp splices can be bought at Sarjo's (you will have to ask the counter person for them). They have a seperate strain relief for the insulation and much higher quality then the standard splices from the autoparts store. Bill
  14. Bill D

    418 A not charging....test procedure?

    I wouldn't chop up the wiring harness just yet. The problem terminal can be removed from the plug and replaced. I have the terminals and proper open barrel crimper to install a new one. The terminals can be bought at Sarjo's, and the crimper at one of the local electrical supply houses. Bill
  15. Thanks for all the help and advice. WHX19 I love the laughing emoticon.