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  1. diggerman

    Snuck over the state line to PA today

    That is a great looking tractor. Congratulations. That cultivator is a Brinly CC-500, circa 1980. You can get the PDF of the parts list for it and other sleeve hitch attachments that were available then at: http://www.ihregistry.com/books/brinly.pdf
  2. diggerman

    1985 211-5

    Here is a 211-5 I just bought from a gentleman who purchased it originally in Pennsylvania in 1985 and moved to North Carolina in the past few years. I suppose it is as near mint as a tractor that has seen regular use over 24 years can be. It has 719 hours on the meter.
  3. diggerman

    Questions about ground engaging with a Horse

    I am enjoying the remarks this topic has gathered. Hopefully, it will keep on giving. Thanks to all who have or will respond.
  4. Hello, I am new to the forum. I recently acquired a 1979 B-81 6-speed that I am using to mow. Now I have an overwhelming interest in getting something to use in my garden. I see 10 and 12 hp 300 series Wheel Horses available within a hundred or so miles of Pleasant Garden, NC (Gbo area), but wonder at their capabilities to ground engage. I may want to turn and disk or I may just pull a tiller, but I'd like enough power to do either. I'd also like a tractor that easily accepts a sleeve hitch. I will greatly appreciate comments from those who are already doing these things as to what models I should be considering. I don't have deep pockets and I am not a mechanic or welder . Thanks. Wayne Clodfelter Pleasant Garden, NC diggerman47@gmail.com
  5. Hello, I decided my life wasn't complicated enough so I recently developed an interest in old small garden tractors. Was taken with the appearance of Wheel Horse and the devotion of its fans and collectors. Found one close by that seemed solid and bought it. It's a 1979 B-81 6-speed with the Foote 4000-5 transaxle and hi-lo range. 8 horse Briggs. Runs smooth. 36" rear discharge deck in great shape, missing only the belt covers and the nylon spacer on the rear mounting pin. Looking for a future source for not-outrageously priced rear rims for the B-81, and looking to purchase another tractor with hydraulics at the rear for pulling a small turning plow and disc for my gardening. Or maybe pulling and powering a tiller. I look forward to participating in these forums. Wayne Clodfelter Pleasant Garden, NC (near Greensboro) diggerman47@gmail.com