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  1. hoosier

    agricultural tires

    I use one tractor with turfs,weights, and chains, and another with Ag's and weights. I prefer the one with Ag's for snow mostly. It is weighted a little heavier though, and works best for my conditions. A lot of ice is another matter. In those cases the one with chains comes out of the shed. You might just try it 'as is' and see.
  2. As always, another fun read. Thanks :notworthy:
  3. hoosier

    Best place to get roundhood seat cover?

    Have you seen these?Ebay
  4. hoosier

    The Senior comes home

    Livin the dream! Looks great. Enjoy your new find. Are you gonna throw a sleeping bag beside it tonight? I know I would.
  5. hoosier

    WH bottle holder

    Maybe you could pull a little yard cart or something to haul your tools.
  6. hoosier

    Good "First" Tractor

    In my opinion, if you are going to eventually pull a moldboard plow, the more horsepower the better. My little 8 horse will do it, but my 16 does it soooo much easier. I also prefer the 4 or 8 speed over the hydro for this.
  7. hoosier

    Fire in the hold!

    Moldy grass maybe? I guess I should say are you mowing moldy grass? Maybe it's got a fungus or blight on it.
  8. hoosier

    help identify

    Could it be 4841? A vert shaft Commando V8 has a cast front end section of frame.
  9. hoosier

    Struck out

    Nick, this yard is paying $50 a ton. The trailer I hauled in weighed 2680. Got $67. 2.5 cents a pound. My guess on the weight of the Raider\ less engine probably put it at less than $10 scrap price. I offered $30. The 'claw' had done more damage since I first saw it but thought, what the heck, it's not gonna hurt those weights, which is really what I wanted most. The thing that bothers me is that when I asked what it would take to make a happy deal for him he refused to even talk with me. From the start he would'nt set a price but told me to make an offer. I truly was'nt trying to pull a fast one on the guy, (I was willing to go more and told him so) just trying to salvage one forlorn tractor from the scrap heap, but was'nt given the opportunity to even continue the conversation. I had previously heard the guy was difficult to deal with but I had to try.
  10. hoosier

    Struck out

    Hi guys. I hauled a rusted out old trailer from my work to a nearby scrapyard Thursday. While the crane operator was unloading me I spied a Raider 10 sitting off to one side. No engine but complete otherwise. Had a decent looking deck and cast wheel weights. The hood was damaged from the 'claw'. I asked the operator who I should talk to and what might it take for me to drive away with it. Talk to the owner, he says, but he usually won't sell anything off the lot. He said he would set it aside for a couple days for me just in case. Cool! says I, and thanks. I finally tracked down the owner by phone Fri. afternoon and he said he would be at the location Sat. a.m. and we would talk. Great! I'm thinking. I was there bright and early today, introduced myself, and took a stroll to the Raider with the owner. I made my offer (3 times what I figured it was worth as scrap) and he went off. His words... 'It's thinking like yours is the reason I don't sell anything from this lot. I can't sell scrap for scrap prices.' 'I'm not going to sell it.' I apologized and asked how much it was worth to him but he was done with me by then. I said I was sorry for wasting his time and walked away. Guess I took the wrong approach with this guy and blew it. Another one gone to the smelter. How do you guys approach people in situations like this. I just figured if my offer was too low we would dicker . Not that the guy would flat out refuse me. Okay, I feel better now :omg:
  11. hoosier

    Steering tip for Plowing snow!

    I am. I like them. I don't feel any need to swap out for anything else. :D
  12. hoosier

    68 Lawn Ranger

    BP, Yep. I've already had the shroud off and it has the gear. As for the front axle, the guy's a big ole boy and he said he wheelied it and the axle broke when it came down. Matters not to me if it is'nt really correct, it works. :hide:
  13. hoosier

    68 Lawn Ranger

    Picked this up today not more than 3 miles from my home. I happened to see it outside a guy's barn. Stopped and asked about it and ended up bringing it home. Turns out he's got lots of WH tractors, attachments, and parts. Who'd a thunk it? This one's got some problems, but hey. I got it to run, sure wish the electric start was there, though. The shroud must have been changed, maybe the whole engine, along with the belt guard(obviously)
  14. hoosier


    It runs! Hooked it up per TT's instructions, a shot of starter fluid, and it ran shortly. Got excited, found a gas tank, and ran a fuel line. After severely flooding it, :imstupid: it cleared out and ran, then dropped to one cylinder firing. I'll get a couple new plugs tommorrow to try. Thanks again for the help. A v belt and 3 more Vice Grips and I'll be drivin' around :D
  15. hoosier


    TT. Is that your project??? :hide: