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  1. 802heath

    Mystery Wheel Horse

    good luck on the i.d. ,Terry is usually correct. :USA:
  2. 802heath

    road trip

    missouri? where were you rick??? :D
  3. 802heath

    It LIVES!!!!

    nice job :omg:
  4. 802heath

    new wheelhorse owner

    hello and :omg:
  5. 802heath

    First score of the year

    nice dig! :omg:
  6. 802heath

    Picked Up A Nut Roaster

    great find! :omg:
  7. 802heath

    Round Hood Easter

    they are beautiful! :omg:
  8. 802heath

    Bought another 520

    sounds great cant wait to see it :omg:
  9. 802heath

    Retro weekend

    my kind of time :omg:
  10. 802heath

    Wheel Horses for sale

    where are you located :omg:
  11. 802heath

    1st haul this year

    a sweet dig theres never anything like that out my way! :omg:
  12. 802heath

    After a busy day

    nice looking workers there! :omg:
  13. 802heath

    Happy Easter !!!

    nice! beats my two anyday, although i have a deal in works for my third :omg:
  14. 802heath

    Easter Pictures of the Herd

    superb herd :omg: